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Hope this finds you well.

I am writing from the Television Company Wall to Wall Television, as part of the team that make the BAFTA winning series 'Long Lost Family'. We are currently making a new programme which we thought might be of interest. The programme is provisionally entitled 'Lost Love Stories' and is about people who want to reconnect with someone special from their past; we aim to find their missing loved ones and reunite them after years apart. We are only intending to feature stories where both parties are single and happy to meet as friends.

Having come across this thread, entitled 'First Boyfriend/Girlfriend' and read your comments, I was keen to get in touch. Would this be something which you would be interested in talking to me about?

Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you,

Personally speaking it wouldnít be for me and I donít have any old sweethearts that I would want to reconnect with anyway , but if I did I wouldnít want it publicly broadcast for the Gogglebox generation or the Jeremy Kyle type audiences to pick at like vultures.
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