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Belfast Suffragette Movement
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This was a little before our time. Sounds like fun though :D On 3rd June 1914 a Belfast women decked the editor of the Belfast Telegraph She was ejected from his office then, not satisfied with her day's efforts, she went to the Belfast Newsletter office and clobbered the editor of that paper too.

In the August edition of Ireland's Eye there is an articlle on Irish Suffragettes. It mentions two women being sent to Belfast prison in 1913 ... Joan Wickham and D. Carson.

The Suffrage movement was founded in Belfast prior to the early 1900s though. Forty one years earlier, in 1872, Isabella Tod founded the North of Ireland Woman's Suffrage Committee. In 1909 the Irish Woman's Suffrage Society was formed in Belfast.   

Margaret Cousins (1878 - 1954), the founder of the Irish Women's Franchise League, and her husband James wrote a book "We Two Together" in 1950. In it she mentions a conversation with a Belfast politician named "Wee" Joe Devlin who was an important figure in the Irish Party. The piece from Margaret's book is well worth reading. "Those Irish politicians had no use for women citizens; they were sufficient for themselves and for the country. We measured them by principle and democracy and found them wanting."

Does anyone recall the Contraception Train coming from Dublin to Belfast in 1971?