Author Topic: Unknown man/possibly Livingston, Madden, or Crangle  (Read 599 times)


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Unknown man/possibly Livingston, Madden, or Crangle
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Hoping I did the pic upload correctly.
This man is pictured with my great grandmother Minnie (Mary Jane) Johnston. She lived in the Shankill area and the photo is sometime between 1905 and 1920. We used to think the man was John Livingston, my great grandfather. However, now it seems unlikely. Can anyone recognize a likeness to anyone in their family who would be from around this area? Could be a Catholic or Protestant as she had children with both. My granny was born and raised in Shankill area, as a Protestant, but my great granny eventually married a Catholic man, John Crangle, and moved to Canada. She also had a son with an Edward Madden, also a Catholic. That son was raised in Belfast in a Catholic environment. We are trying to sort out a family mystery as all of this was unknown to us. My granny refused to talk about it. Very strange to think of siblings being raised in different  households with different religions in Belfast at that time. Any help appreciated.