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Old Belfast football team photo
« on: November 01, 2018, 03:21:33 PM »

This is a photograph of a football team taken sometime around 1945. I would like to find out who the team were, what league or competition they were competing in and the names of the players, if possible.I know only the name of one person in the photo and that is the man in the back row third from the left. He is Albert Moorhouse (1926-1992), my wife's late uncle. Albert was an electrician and worked for Belfast transport before and during the worst days of our troubles. In 1952 (probably about 7 years after this photo was taken) Albert was living in Woodvale Avenue, Belfast. He then married Dorothy Connor and moved to Upper Meadow Street, Belfast. So, this team may have been a Belfast team, but that is not certain. It will be a team from Belfast (North Belfast?) or the surrounding area (possibly south Antrim?). I welcome any suggestions or information. Thanks.