Author Topic: Collins Family 1917 - 1950 17 Ton Street, looking for family tree information  (Read 1053 times)


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A huge thank you,  the dots are really joining up. For example I had found the Plevna address when looking for lodging addresses of the McEntegarts - as they seem to have moved between the siblings. But without the James & the rest of the links - it just didnít fit.  This is most definitely them.

I also wasnít sure if it was Maggie or Mary who was married to Henry McCabe, or if they were both married to McCabes.  Lots of dots coming together.

I also found another child born to James and Mary Jane mcGough - John Joseph, baptised at 1872 at St Peters, who is known later in life as Joseph.  This turns out to be the missing link between 2 trees on DNA Ancestry.  And fits the DNA profile as well. 

You have not only brought my family back a hundred years, but another family over in Canada! I have shared the information with them.

There is a load of really good information, and some fabulous leads here.  I do like a good investigation.  Itís amazing that the traction from finally getting the right birth certificate for my grandfather has made. 

I am blown away by all your help.

Thank you :)

J Edwards

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I came across this when looking for Patrick Connor and Alice Cullegan.  Has anyone taken this line furthur ?