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Robert and James Magill, 9 Davys Street, Carrickfergus, 1861
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:39:20 PM »
Are there descendants of these Magills? Robert was a mariner, and widower when he married Margaret Mayne in 1862.  Margaret's father David was a mariner. Robert and James' father was John Magill.  Any leads would be appreciated.


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Re: Robert and James Magill, 9 Davys Street, Carrickfergus, 1861
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You know more than telling us eg  James Roberts brother is suddenly introduced by you so other gems that might help further searches are eg religions dates od birth etc church married in 1892

I looked around
Griffiths valuation in 1861
Magill   Henry   Irish Qtr. South,(Carrickfergus)   Carrickfergus   Antrim
Magill   James   Davys Street,(Carrickfergus)   Carrickfergus   Antrim 9 Davis Street the same street. ho, yard,small garden valued at £1 15 shillings pa slightly lower than immediate houses
Magill   John   North-East Division         Carrickfergus   Antrim could be the father
Magill   Mary   Irish Qtr. South,(Carrickfergus)   Carrickfergus   Antrim
Magill   Sarah   Hamilton's Row,Middle Division   Carrickfergus   Antrim
currently  Davys Street runs from Minorca Place southwards to the Belfast road A2, its close to the Marina and Carrickfergus harbour 

Maynes living in the parish in 1861
census 1901-1911  no Magill found in Carrickfergus strange?

1911 does have a Edward Mayne Roman in Hugh Magees Provision and Spirit Merchant premises 36 Irish quarter West catholic as a shop assistant  aged 25 but born Co Tyrone 1886
but then I found Edward Mayne living in Davys Street in 1918 and thought I had found a descendant but this could be a Tyrone red herring
trying street directories lennonwylie 1880 has traders and gentry only in say 1880
trying irish mariners seems unlikely
but findmy past has lists showing possibly 3 identites worth pursuing
John   Magill   —   Cfergus   1867   William Henry   Belfast   
John   Magill   1829   Carrickfergus   1867   William Henry   Belfast   
William   Magill   —   —   1867   Meteor   Dublin
I tried exploring  but failed to find locations for Magills in carrickfergus, but I am a newcomer to this excellent resourcethey maybe under Belfast or larne does any one know?
good luck


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Re: Robert and James Magill, 9 Davys Street, Carrickfergus, 1861
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I found eventually 24 old Magill tombstones recorded all Church of Ireland [probably St Nicholas listed by  ie the Ulster Historical Foundation belfast
Magill   Elizabeth   1741   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Patrick   1741   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   John      1741   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Ann      1741   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Daniel   1741   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Mary      1742   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   James   1745   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Thomas   1746   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Margaret   1756   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   James   1785   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Catherine   1786   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   James   1790   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Catherine   1791   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   James   1794   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   James      1795   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Maria      1851   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Ann Helena   1856   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Mary         1858   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Sarah      1859   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Margaret      1859   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Jemima      1862   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Rose         1862   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
Magill   Eliza         1868   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim   
Magill   Thomas      1870   Carrickfergus CI   Antrim
 no further entries up to closureof date 1993    

PRONI has on line guides to Church records
gives more than below it gives, ‘in local custody’ and PRONI microfilms records. They are now just producing digital records you should look up both
B. Carrickfergus
Baptisms, marriages and minutes, 1864­ .
C. Carrickfergus
Baptisms, 1819-1969; marriages, 1824­ 43; list of members, 1824, 1847 and 1862; minutes, 1823-36 and 1862-3; collections for the poor, 1860s.
C.I. Carrickfergus (St Nicholas’s) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1740-99 and 1822-99; marriages, 1740-1909; burials, 1740­ 1800 and 1825-1939; confirmation lists, 1828-54.Plans of the church, 1931; accounts of building church spire, 1778.
M. Carrickfergus Baptisms, 1815-58.
Baptisms, 1826-2015 (records from 1918-2015 are closed) ; marriages, 1864-1916.
P. 1st Carrickfergus
Baptisms, 1823-1901; marriages, 1823­ 1905; committee minutes, 1824-1946; session minutes, 1860-1935; building committee minutes, 1826-9 and 1879­ 81; account books, 1815-89; pew book, 1914-34; Sustentation Fund minutes, 1876-88.
P. Carrickfergus (Joymount or 2nd)
Baptisms, 1852-1907; marriages, 1853­ 1908; marriage notices, 1938-56; session minutes, 1852-78 and 1885­ 1925; committee minutes, 1852-94; building committee minutes, 1853-56; communicants’ lists, 1852-80 and 1890­ 99; lists of seats and stipend payers, 1856-67, and stipend accounts, 1865­
66; Sabbath collection and expenditure accounts, 1853-1979.
P. Loughmorne
[Up until 1892 it was part of the Eastern Reformed Presbyterian Church]
Baptisms, 1848-53 and 1892-1952; marriages, 1863-1930. if they have burials being digitalised from memory or available from NIFHS if you become a member
P. Woodburn
Baptisms, 1863/5-1952; marriages, 1866-1932; marriage notices,1952-6.
R.C. Carrickfergus
[Linked to Larne and Ballygowan up to c.1852 – see also under LARNE]
Baptisms, 1852-72; marriages, 1852-72; indexes to baptisms and marriages, 1828-1852.

Old Families of Carrickfergus and Ballynure (Gravestone Inscriptions) by R. S. J. Clarke Reprint 2016 Ulster Historical Foundation Paperback ISBN 978-090190-55-29.    246pp

Deaths listed by emeraldancestors, buy credits or join but listed by county, still better than nothing eg
1858   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1881   Robert Magill      Antrim / Down       
1895   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1896   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1905   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1908   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1908   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1909   Robert Magill      Antrim       
1915   Robert John Magill   Antrim       
1916   Robert Magill      Antrim   
1881   James Magill      Antrim / Down       
1894   James Magill      Antrim       
1896   James Magill      Antrim / Down       
1899   James Magill      Antrim / Down       
1901   James Magill      Antrim       
1911   James Magill      Antrim       
1912   James Magill      Antrim       
1913   James Magill      Antrim / Down       
1918   James Magill      Antrim / Down       
1894   Margaret Magill   Antrim / Down
keep going hoping others may help you


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Re: Robert and James Magill, 9 Davys Street, Carrickfergus, 1861
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2019, 08:45:56 PM »
its  normally a pleasure to stumble on  searched  material by Aghadowey on Rootschat on a topic I am searching too,
Re: Magill, also Orr, McCann, Mayne. Carrickfergus. C. of I. and Presbyterian.  However this time only after studying it for some time, believing I had found a new researcher one Blyn Christain as a possible close relative to you. with the same basic facts as did “My Magills on this topic, but of course it’s the same person when you revealed there later your name was Bill.       Agadoweys work is of the highest integrity you should have told us  it would have saved me time.
Using your claim for the births being in Carrickfergus ‘s irish quarter and only the fact the last of ten children was not born there but in Belfast lead me back to  Carrickfergus  census for other possible relatives you might be overlooking.  I looked at the Catholic chapel at Minorca Street which I think may also be called St Nicholas. I think you should be widening your search for Magills associated with that church, a mixed marriage is always possible in Ireland.  In particular I would look at the Magill family in the 1911 census at 30 in Irish Quarter West (Carrickfergus Urban, Antrim)  and their burial records