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McConville's in Belfast
« on: January 26, 2019, 04:18:28 PM »
Trying to locate any McConville's in Belfast.  My grandfather was James P. McConville.  He came from a large family....siblings were Samuel, Bernard, Edward, John, Elizabeth.  My great grandfather was John McConville, he married Annie Mulholland.  They lived on old Hornidge Street and later Chemical Street.  Thank you.


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Re: McConville's in Belfast
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I found making a Draft family tree based on census ie 51 hornidge St Pottinger much more difficult than I expected
John McConville b [~1864] Belfast[Co Down in 1901 General Labourer Cannot read   
could be birth/baptism
JOHN   MCCONVILLE   1864   Father JAMES   Antrim   
JOHN   MCCONVILLE   1864   Father DANIEL Down
could be one of these marriages
MCCONVILLE   JOHN   1890   Father EDWARD Down   
MCCONVILLE   JOHN   1890   Father EDWARD Antrim   
MCCONVILLE   JOHN   1890   Father JAMES   Armagh
m ~1890 Annie XXXXXXXX    44 [37 in 190190  [1864- Antrim can Read and
children13 born by1911, 8 living in 1911
1. Edward McConville b b~ 1887 Belfast City General Labourer  Read and write search 1911 census
2. Rose McConville b~ Belfast City Read and write (search 1911 census ) did Rose later m Mr Holmes the boarder in 1911
3. Samuel McConville b~ 1892 Belfast Gen Labourer Read and write   
4. John McConville b~1894]   Genl Labourer Read and write
5. Elizabeth McConville b~1896 Belfast Mill Worker Read and write
6. Bernard McConville b~1897 Belfast Rope Worker Read and write
7. James McConville b1900 Belfast   Read and write see
 8. Mary Anna McConville b~1901   Belfast    Scholar Read and write   

Street directories
in hornidge st
51 spelt mcconvillin1897    no entry in1895
in Chemical street starts in 1918 see
68 Annie McConville is left as householder in 1918
10 Owen McConville a soldier in ,1924,1932 no connection found yet
no entries in 1939, 1943

I found no wills for john or john at PRONI
can you help further