Author Topic: Belfast poet, Padraic Fiacc 'The patron saint of the insane' has passed  (Read 576 times)

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I can already anticipate the dreary and super hilarious smilie strewn comedy banter verbiage that message title will inevitably and automatically prompt.

"January 23 2019"

"Remarkable life of Belfast poet Padraic Fiacc who cast unflinching and fair eye on the Troubles"

"Padraic Fiacc, who has died aged 94, was born in Belfast and moved to New York he studied to be a priest before returning to his native city where he became a chronicler of the brutal sectarian conflict."

"Ivan Little talks to the writer’s friends about his legacy."

"The celebrated and unflinchingly forthright Belfast poet Padraic Fiacc has died at the age of 94, just 10 days after the Irish President Michael D Higgins paid a private and emotional visit to see him and thank him for his life's work."

"The acclaimed writer, who spent part of his early life in New York and who was at times rebuked by critics for his observations on the Troubles, passed away peacefully in a south Belfast care facility, minutes after the artist Michael McKernon read him one of his poems, A Want in Me, one of his favourite works."

In 2010, fellow poet Brian Patten said that Padraic Fiacc had,...

"transmuted the brutality of Belfast at the height of the Troubles into verse that will survive the work of tamer souls"

He also said,...

"It would seem at first reading his poems that he is a political poet, but that description would not do him justice."

"It is empathy for the frightened and maimed individuals, for all on either side of the great divide, that shines through his work."

"Few poets have faced up to contemporary Irish history like Fiacc."

"Without wishing to denigrate other poets, for me it is the torn soul of Padriac Fiacc that has mirrored the modern history of Belfast and its troubles like no other writer."

"He is the shadow falling across the conscience of so many poets, the elephant at the literary tea party."

Fellow Belfast Poet Michael Longley described him as being,...

"the custodian of the spirit of poetry", and the "patron saint of the insane."


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Re: Belfast poet, Padraic Fiacc 'The patron saint of the insane' has passed
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I'd never heard of him and quite honestly, if that white coffin poem is the best he's got I won't be seeking him out.