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dorothy guthrie
« on: February 04, 2019, 08:28:41 PM »
hi . i am trying to trace my aunt Sandra /Dorothy born 1/11/1949 and had a sister and two brothers .the sister being my mum who passed away on 19th December 1979 .i dont know much about her only that she had lived on Ulsterville road lisburn road in the 80's .and from there no other information .i do believe she attended a wedding in a church in Anderson town and after that i have no trace of her . i would like to find out where she is ..

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Re: dorothy guthrie
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Well I was going to send you this via private message, but you've got your forum profile settings set to "User 'tricia1972' can not receive personal messages."

Don't use words like she or her with messages like that, because it can cause confusion about which person is being referred to. Unless there is no possibility of ambiguity it's better to state a full name, and include surnames in the text of your message, because they can easily be missed if they're only listed in the message title.

Maiden surname or married surname. ?

These dates aren't an exact match, but they're close, as is the name combination, but it may just be a coincidence.