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Ann Stewart

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White House Antrim
« on: February 07, 2019, 03:27:45 AM »
I am looking for information regarding gggrandfather William Stewart 1831-1895 occupation described as servant married to Anne Jane Buchanan (23/08/1862) also described as a servant on their marriage record and ggggrandfather also William Stewart ?1810  described as Coachman on the same marriage record.  I believe at some point they lived at White House Antrim.  Thank you


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Re: White House Antrim
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I found I couldn’t get a starting point if you have worked backwards you may have more to help us with. others will join in. 
White House is now Whjtehouse and in historical records is part of Carnmoney civil parish bordering the NE side of Belfast with views across Belfast Lough
Did the marriage certificate not give a specific address for or Willliam Senior were living? do you know of children? did it give religious denominarion?
the only death in 1885 I could find is a William Mcauley Stewart Antrim on nothing for Anne Jane 
Carnmoney parish has recently gathered its cemetery information  so Anne Janes burial should be locatable soon

Griffiths Valuation 1861
from has no Buchanan in Carnmoney
Surname   First Name   Townland   Parish   County
Following are the exact matches:
Stewart   Matthew   Whiteabbey,Jordanstown   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   John      Whiteabbey,Jordanstown   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Samuel   White House Lower,White House Carnmoney   Antrim
No 14 on map sharing with John Close see aslaboutireland
Stewart   Sarah      Jordanstown   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Thomas   Glengormly   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   James      Ballyhowne   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Charles   Whiteabbey   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Charles   DrumnadroughCarnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Charles   Ballygolan   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Charles   Jordanstown   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Charles   Monkstown   Carnmoney   Antrim
Stewart   Charles   White House   Carnmoney   Antrim
not listed in askaboutireland
Stewart   Charles   Ballycraigy   Carnmoney   Antrim

if they were ‘live in’ servants, they could have lived in the big house or its other buildings
If they ‘lived out’ they could have lived in any of the above townlands or more.

the big houses were all outside the Whitehouse village  by building valuation, those with gate lodges included.   .   
Ann Cunningham £125.00
Robert Tennent 115
Mrs Helen Bell Lucyville bld value 110 pa
James Thompson Macedon house  95pa
Richard bell  bld value 73 pa
George smith Abbeyhill  63 pa t
there are more without gate lodges

census1901  whitehouse is now an admini district , a DED
70 entries for Stewart too many to list here
so that’s me running out of time

Ann Stewart

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Re: White House Antrim
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2019, 11:04:36 PM »
Thank you for all that information.  I will try to list all the information I have got starting with my Father and working back.

James Stewart B: 12/02/1927 at 27 Kenbaan Street Belfast

James Stewart B: 18/10/1889 25 Cosgrave Street Belfast - Registered in Belfast Urban District No. 2
F: Andrew Stewart
M: Jeanie McGilvery
M: Mary McMonagle - 01/03/1915 - Church of Ireland

Andrew Edward Stewart B: 13/11/1866 - address at birth Ben Eadau, Greencastle, registered in the district of Whitehouse Belfast
M: Jeanie McGilvery
D: 09/12/1899 - address too difficult to read but was registered Belfast Urban No. 12 - occupation recorded as sailor.  I have other evidence of this throughout his life

William Stewart B: 1831 Whitehouse Belfast
F: William Stewart B: ?1800
M: unknown
M: Ann Jane Stewart formerly Buchanan - 23/08/1862 Church Marriage Records record her as being a servant, 26 yrs, Church of Ireland
Church marriage Record records him as being 31yrs, a servant
They were married at ST. Anne's Belfast - Church of Ireland
His father is recorded as William Stewart Coach Man


William Stewart  B: ??1800 or there about
Spouse: Unknown
1862 Coach Man
1866 - Butler

This is all the information I have hope it helps


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Re: White House Antrim
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2019, 04:32:32 AM »
Hello, I'm afraid I have a problem with some of your information, which I'll come to.  Starting at the beginning with your father's birth, I'm assuming that you've seen the certificate and that this confirms the parents' names as James Stewart and Mary McMonagle?  If so, I'm also assuming that you are referring to the couple in the following marriage:

From this marriage information, how did you track back to Andrew Stewart and Jeanie McGilvery, then back to William b.1831 and William b. 1800? Is there family lore or other information behind it?  The reason I ask is as follows...

Andrew Stewart and Jeanie McGilvery had a daughter Margaret Brown Stewart in 1892, note that middle name 'Brown':

Note also that while father Andrew was described as a rivetter in that birth registration, he was described as a boilermaker in the prior birth registration for son James:

Here's the problem. Andrew Stewart married Jane McGilvary on 3 June 1881 in the Church of Scotland in Govan and his father was recorded as Andrew Stewart, not William. 

I can be reasonably confident that these are the same folk who had children James and Margaret in Belfast, for apart from the names combination match, Andrew was described in the marriage record as a journeyman boilermaker and Jane's mother's surname was recorded as 'Brown'. Other details from the marriage record are as follows: Bachelor Andrew was 21 years old from 49 Hamilton Street Govan, his father Andrew was a joiner and his mother was Jeannie Baillie.  Spinster Jane was a 19 year old silk winder from 23 Albert Street Govan, her father Peter McGilvary was a railway labourer and her mother was Margaret Brown.

What is it that ties down this boilermaker/rivetter as the same man cited in the 1915 marriage record as a deceased sailor?

Ann Stewart

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Re: White House Antrim
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Thank you so much for your help.  Went down that line once before but thought it was wrong


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Re: White House Antrim
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concentrating for records about Ben Eadau, Greencastle possibly a big house with servants, where your GGrandfather Andrew Edward Stewart B: 13/11/1866 - address at birth Ben Eadau, Greencastle, registered in the district of Whitehouse Belfast death D: 09/12/1899 - address too difficult to read but was registered Belfast Urban No. 12 a surprise as the County Down side of Belfast.
from   Belfast Urban 12:
Albertbridge Road (1917), Beersbridge Road, Connswater, Chadolly Street, Cluan Place, Crossley Street, Josephine Street, Kilmood St (1900), Roundhill Street (1902), Susan Street, Trillick Street, Ulster Hospital, Westbourne Street    Could it have been the Ulster Hospital?  the burial possibly within Belfast

I am sure Ben Eadau is Ben Eadan, I found it exploring PRONI Historical Maps viewer where I could trace Greencastle townland which extends to the west all the way to just under Cavehill sittiing due east of it is this amazing residence. Currently St Clements Retreat House.  previously in early 1901 the residence of Adeley, W. J., stock and share broker;  in the valuation book Current PRONI Reference: VAL/12/B/43/F/1 (1897 - 1905).  the property is  numbered as Ben Eaden 1a listed as James Whitla House & land  44 acres and house valued at £97 pa . followed by 1b Thomas Wilson in his gate lodge and 1c Hugh Milroy in gardeners house  so I tried further back in Griffiths primary valuation 186? [size=78%] [/size]
 it is named as Ben Eadan map ref 1a Valentine Whitla 45 acres house valued at £104pa further down the list is map ref 14a occupied by William Stewart, small garden18 perches and house£1 fifteen shillings so I looked it up and found 14 down on Belfast loughside but witn no “14a” building   14 contains a catholic chapel .  I think there is a possible further gate lodge down on the shore road. i am stopping that further search, over to you you are getting there good luck in the future The Ben Eadan property as shown on the map is Part of greencastle but within Belfast borough. So confusion is found in the valuation books.

in 1868 under greencastle the entry reads   Whitla, Miss, Cavehill
in 1890 there is a William Stewart shoe maker Greencastle 2.5 miles from Belfast ie in the village shore road area. the village  contains  the Constabulary Station (Whitehouse) .

Ann Stewart

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Re: White House Antrim
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Thank you once again for the help  I know that my grandfather livend in Kenbaan Street which runs alongside Trillick Street, remember it as a child so will explore that ne more.  Once again thank you