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Thomas Albert Collins 1917-1950
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After the amazing help I had from you all last time, Iím hoping that someone might be able to solve a family mystery.[/font][/size]
Itís amazing that when you start to get a bit of information the family starts to divulge what they know!

Thomas Albert Collins b. 1917, Died 1950 - 17 Ton Street Belfast

Thomas was taken to court, found not guilty and then interned as he walked out in 1942.  This is all recorded in the papers of the day.  He never really recovered from what Iíve heard. I have all these records.

He married Ellen OíNeill and had one child in 1946. I canít find the marriage certificate - it would have been at St Peters, Belfast.

However, during the pregnancy or afterwards he left the family home, and remarried?  Most likely just one child as he died in 1950 from complications of the injuries he sustained during his custodial stay.  It would have been in the falls district. 

Iíve been trying to find for my family this missing relative,  and so far I am hitting a complete dead end.  His family side were apparently completely aware, this was nothing hidden, nothing wrong.  I have an elderly relative wishing to meet their sibling.

His siblings were

Mary Anne (1906-1992) married to Henry McCabe
Patrick Collins (b 1908)
Margaret Collins (1909-1998) also known as Molly, Molly brought Thomas up after the death of their mother Alice in 1918.
Catherine Collins (b 1911)

His parents were

Thomas Collins born 29th April 1880 Drogheda, died 15th April 1953 17 Ton Street, Belfast
Alice Collins (Nee Connor) born 5th November 1881, St Peter Street, Drogheda, died Sept 1918 17 Ton Street.

Thank you for reading and any advice in advance.

Kind regards