Author Topic: Anthony (Tony) Morgan born around 1976 used to live Velsheda Park 112  (Read 347 times)


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Hi, I am Marleen Verlinden from Belgium.

A long time ago, 1987 was the last time, Tony Morgan came to visit us several times for a summer holiday in Belgium.

It was organised by Eurochildren and my mother Marie-Jeanne Schoonjans had invited a child from Belfast to come and visit us for a holiday.
So Tony came to our family and we used to chat a lot and he told us jokes. I could understand his accent better than my mother so he talked to me a bit more.

Tony had a sister and a brother. At that time he was living at Velsheda Park 112.

We haven't been in touch since that time and I would like to hear from him. I anyone has some news, that would be very welcome.

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