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Family search.
« on: March 08, 2019, 03:56:15 PM »
Hi, Im new on here, But here goes.
Doe's any one know the Family of Billy  McCracken, The Footballer. Dates from around 1910? Played for Linfield, Newcastle, Fulham,Hull, Plus a few others. My grand dad was David McCracken his brother who lived in Liverpool. I think the family came from Tynisson st ? as the family worked in the mills around there.
I have tried over the yrs to find any family members but no luck. I even got in touch with Malcolm Brodie from the Telegraph, He did say that he new the family and would be back in touch, That was 5/6 yrs ago, So its not going to happen now he dead.
Any info would be great.
Thanks Reg.


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Re: Family search.
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 09:45:54 AM »

... My grand dad was David McCracken his brother who lived in Liverpool.

There is a large amount of information online about his career, but little information about him personally, even in the obits at the time of his death in Hull registration district in January 1979.  And what personal information can be found online needs to be taken with a health warning as regards accuracy.

Leaving aside for now any angle on his footballer cousin Robert / Bobby McCracken, I have found what is definitely William in the 1911 England census, living as a professional footballer in Newcastle upon Tyne with his wife Jennie Gray McArthur (and a 1 year old son William), whom he married in Belfast in 1907:

Everything known about him so far points to the following 1901 Ireland census return and 1883 birth registration:

The snag is that I can't find a son David to this couple (ie. William McCracken and Elizabeth McDowell).  Furthermore, the 1911 Ireland census return for the same family confirms only 4 children living, presumably the 3 shown daughters Lilly/Matilda, Martha, Lizzie and the missing son William (living in Newcastle upon Tyne):

So something is going wrong somewhere.