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Hospital at Bangor
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:34:22 AM »
Can anyone shed any light for me please. My Mum spent time at what she always refered to as "The Cripples Home/Hospital for children" at Bangor during WW2. She said it was right on the harbour, and they used to be wheeled out onto a big verandah in their beds where they could watch the American warships come in. The sailors would come with bags of American candy for the patients. Her family used to take the train from home in Belfast every weekend to visit her there. I'm coming to Belfast next month and would love to find the location and any information about the place as it was a massive part of her life story. Hope someone can help me!
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hospital at Bangor
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Here is a piece. I think the place you are looking for was at the bottom of Stricklands Glen, Bangor West. Now a Nursing home, I think ?  :)
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Re: Hospital at Bangor
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In the 1950's I spent two nights in a large red brick house in Bangor known as 'The Cripples Home'.  It overlooked the sea at Strictlands Glen.  My aunt was the Matron in charge at that time and I was there as her guest.  Sorry I can't offer much information - I was a small boy at the time but I do remember happy residents enjoying a comfortable life. My aunt is no longer with us but if you would like to have her name PM me.
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Re: Hospital at Bangor
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It sounds very much like the sources and link posted above are pretty much on the right track.