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First workmates.
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I would be going back to 1967/68 when I worked in Carnmoney serving my time bricklaying with Boland/Reilly.I was introduced to another apprentice called Reggie Murray from the east of the city.We would be sent to help the 'sparks' and plumbers.The sparks required tracking on the walls and the plumbers needed holes to be knocked on the walls in the kitchen and bathrooms.We went to the tech. in Hollywood and a few times to Newtownards tech. forget long ago! I haven't heard of Reggie in almost 50 years. .troubles I would imagine.We used to drink in the Deers Head and another pub close by the name escapes me.Hope Reggie is doing o.k.but even back then he was smoking the 'gear' and didn't bother him. .me I stuck to the booze.