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Andrews of Hillsborough
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:03:18 AM »
I am still trying to find my Andrews family, they seem to originate from Hillsborough Down. area
My Great Grandfather George Henry Andrews was born in 1883 or 1884, his father was James Andrew or Andrews
of Hillsborough.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Andrews of Hillsborough
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 03:19:28 PM »

to start if your computer allows search page for Hillsborough corner box there are 15 references that should become highlighted below. I will extract some of these later you should extract them all to keep just in case

 1863 Griffiths valuation has
Andrew   James   Lisadian   Hillsborough   map ref 8b has house and small garden valued at £1.10 shillings pa
Lisadian townland from Hillsborough is westwards of Reillys trench and Drumathhugh sadly the accompanying map which shows the Map os v1 6inch revised and all the bld outlines and fields etc has not been marked upwith property users map refs see,%20LOWER%20(UPPER%20HALF) There is a chance another version of the map is at the valuation office Belfast.
or in Ballynahinch library Hdgs for SE libraries
The townland contains Lisadian House, Lisadian cottage a gate lodge leading to Bell view another house and the ruins of a fort
to locate the area it surrounds part of Kilwarlin road and Moira road 

useing Griffith  Valuation continuation books at PRONI, we find
VAL/12/B/20/14A 1864-1879 James Andrew
VAL/12/B/20/14B  1880- 1889 shows James crossed out 1887 & Wm J Roberts is new.
So James may have died or moved on having lived there for at least 25 years  census substitute is the 1830 Tithe Applotment Books which do not include any Andrew or Andrews see so his death or burial might exist or whatever the job he had might have come to an end and he moves his family GH now aged 4 for far off fields
when I checked the 1901 census he is still not there
1901 census
Andrew   Robert   b~   1868   head   labourer   Cof I   Aughandunvarren   Hilleborough
Andrew   Sarah   b~   1868   wife      Cof I   Aughandunvarren   Hilleborough
Andrew   Hugh   b~   1894   son   scholar   Cof I   Aughandunvarren   Hilleborough
Murray   Sarah   b~   1853   wido   weaver   Pres   Aughandunvarren   Hilleborough
Andrew   Marget   b~   1890   neice   scholar   Pres   Aughandunvarren   Hilleborough
Andrew   Robert   b~   1851   Head   linen weaver   Cof I   Ballykeelartifinny   Hilleborough
Andrew   Margaret   b~   1853   wife   linen weaver      Ballykeelartifinny   Hilleborough
Andrew   Samuel   b~   1840      linen weaver   CofE   Ballykeelartifinny   Hilleborough
Andrew   Sarah   b~   1849   Head   linen weaver   CofE   Lisadian   Hilleborough
Andrew   Joseph   b~   1879   son   labourer   CofE   Lisadian   Hilleborough
Andrew   David   b~   1883   son   weaver   CofE   Lisadian   Hilleborough
Andrew   Jane   b~   1888   dau   scholar   CofE   Lisadian   Hilleborough
Andrew   David   b~   1833   Head   labourer un.   Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   Jane   b~   1843   wife      Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   Margaret   b~   1862   dau   winder    Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   Jane   b~   1864   dau   winder    Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   David   b~   1866   son   agri labourer   Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   Eliza   b~   1868   dau   winder    Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   Agnes   b~   1870   dau   winder    Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   William   b~   1873   son   linen yarn dr    Cof I   Ravernet   Maze
Andrew   Sarah   b~   1875   dau   linen weaver   Cof I   Ravernet   Maze


Edward   ANDREWS   .   Hillsborough   a baker in Hillsborough in 1824   POD
James sister could be Miss   Ellen   ANDREW   .   Hillsborough   daughter of James Andrew; married John Tate 21 Feb 1852   CR
James John   ANDREW   .   Hillsborough   husband of Sarah Cowan; father of Rose b. 21 Apr 1869 & William James b. 16 Mar 1871 & Rose Isabella b. 11 Jun 1873 & Ann b. 20 Feb 1874   CR
Robert   ANDREW   .   Hillsborough   husband of Margaret Morrison; father of Francis b. 9 Mar 1868 & Robert b. 6 Feb 1870 & Samuel b. 16 Dec 1870 & David b. 1873   CR
Robert   ANDREW   .   Hillsborough   husband of Margaret Andrew; father of Robert b. 16 Jun 1869   CR
Samuel   ANDREW   .   Hillsborough   husband of Susanna Bell; father of James b. 23 Jun 1865   CR
Miss   Sarah Ann ANDREW   .   Hillsborough   wife of James Millar ; mother of Sarah b. 1872   CR  an early possible cousin Thomas

just to keep you going
ANDREW   .   Comber   on a Muster Roll of 1630 as holding a sword & musket   TOOC p112/37

next step is to search for your two named in
good luck have run out of time


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Re: Andrews of Hillsborough
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2019, 11:08:56 PM »
Thanks JimG, I will get to work on this.  Much appreciated.



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Re: Andrews of Hillsborough
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2019, 08:56:33 PM »

Madge  more geography needed by me re the civil parish of Blaris exists in 2 parts.
1.Blaris civil parish north of the river Lagan as Blaris Co Antrim inc most of Lisburn
2.Blaris civil parish south of the river Lagan as Blaris Co Down including townlands such as Maze to the west and Ravernet to south east
The most southerly townland of Blaris Co Down is Ballykeel Edenagonnell townland. this townland is split between the civil parish of Blaris Co Down and  Hillsborough civil parish

The 1901 census reminds us the government doesn’t work using civil parishes but with DED ie District Electorial Division. So the Andrew listed under Ravernet Maze , is Ravernet townland in the newish Maze a DED ie District Electorial Division .

Also in the 1901census Hilleborough DED might have been chosen deliberately to distinguish it from Hillsborough civil parish or village in 1901 as a DED district election, or is a spelling mistake  This changes back to Hillsborough spelling in 1911. However beware this is not Hillsborough Parish this is Hillsborough DED Which means to be sure of all possible relatives you need to check by townland check to compare townlands  in the census  might not be listed within familiar names because they are now listed by are the same in Hilleborough and inon it in both to show what townlands make it up and all your relatives are covered.
Arthur Street appears in 1901 & 1911
Aughandunvarren 1901 then Aghandunvarran1911
Ballynahinch Street 1901 then Ballinahinch Street 1911
Ballykeelartifinny 1901 then Ballykeel Artifinny 1911
Drumatihugh disappears in 1911 it appears under The Maze DED
Gorcreeny could be spelling error aka Cocreeny disappears in 1911 not listed in Ros Davies cant find
Hillsborough disappears in 1911 or moves to new DED
Large Park disappears in 1911 or moves to new DED
Lisadian appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Lisburn Street appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Main Street  appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Park Street appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Reilly's Trench appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Small Park appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Taughblane appears in 1901 & 1911[/size]
Wapping Laneappears in 1901 & 1911[/size]

However the name Andrew 1901 has been changed in 1911 to Andrews for the remaining Robert and Margaret Andrew  in Lisadian who although weavers have had no education in reading and writing 

found in Waringstown DED 1911
15 in Corcreeny (Waringstown, Down)
boarding with other Damask Weavers John Green & William Green     
Andrews James 40 Male Boarder Church of Ireland Co Down Damask Weaver   Read
stopping have a wonderful holiday in August
Good luck