Author Topic: Anyone searching Gourley (Belfast)  (Read 2115 times)


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Re: Anyone searching Gourley (Belfast)
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2021, 11:50:22 AM »
Hi Patsy,
That's no problem. Just out of curiosity, are you new to researching your family history or just Belfast Forum?
No don't recognise any of them. My G-G-Granda James would have been born before 1864 going by his death cert.
I have came across Robert & Grace Jameson and in my notes I have recorded a Sarah Gourley as the informant of the birth of Thomas, could be a new name for you to look into...possibly Roberts Mother.
Are you aware of any connection between your G-Granda and Thomas Gourley who I was talking about?

New to Belfast Forum Paul, still finding my way around.  I cannot tie up your line yet as all the Gourleys seem to be called, Robert, John, Thomas, Samuel, James and hundreds of them from Magherascouse and Ballygowan, 'Ards etc..  Frustrating isn't it?  Still working on it all.  You will see posts from Rae in Australia, she is also connected to the Gourley line, Thomas Shaw Gourley the train driver I believe.


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Re: Anyone searching Gourley (Belfast)
« Reply #31 on: March 27, 2021, 03:51:13 PM »
Yes Patsy it is very frustrating. My family are the same. That Thomas Shaw you talk about is the Thomas that lived at same address as my GG Granda. Have you found any connection with Thomas and your Robert? I'll have to look out for that person's posts and see if they have any more information that could help me.


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Re: Anyone searching Gourley (Belfast)
« Reply #32 on: April 06, 2021, 06:09:37 AM »
I'm a Gourley originally from Belfast, now living in California.

My late Dad is Deryck Gourley (b1937) from Louisa St (Oldpark)
He had a brother James who worked in Mackie's but passed away in the 80s
Also one sister named Roberta who worked in Gallaghers for a long time and is still alive and well living in Newtownabbey.

My grandparents were Robert and Sarah (n. McClure).