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Moore, Margaret
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I'm trying to find info on a Margaret Moore. She was born in Belfast 29 Oct 1904 - died 06 Feb 1941.
Her parents were Charles Moore and Mother Mary Anne Napier.
She was married 12th April 1925 in Belfast to a John Rice.
At the time of her death their family home was 26 Frere Street, Belfast.

Any info on Margaret and her family would be a great help.
Signed   Mrs Cullen's wee son Jimmy.


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Re: Moore, Margaret
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... Her parents were Charles Moore and Mother Mary Anne Napier.

Charles Moore and Mary Anne Napier married in St. Peter's Belfast in 1892, the civil marriage registration identified the two fathers as Charles Moore and Hugh Napier:

A transcript of the St. Peter's version of the marriage record mentions both parents for each party: the groom's being Charles and Ellen Moore; the bride's being Hugh and Letitia Napier.

Both the 1901 and 1911 Ireland censuses are consistent is showing Charles' birthplace as England:

Same censuses indicate that Charles' wife Mary Anne Napier was born in Belfast c. 1873-1876, in the event, she was born in 1872 at 78 Conway Street to Hugh Napier and Letitia Owens:

Hugh Napier and Letitia Owens had two marriages, church and civil:
- one in St. Patrick's Belfast on 22 June 1857 (a transcript of the church marriage record confirms that Hugh was Presbyterian and Letitia was Catholic), witnessed by a Mark and Susan Carson;
- the other in Belfast Registrar's Office on the same day, at which Hugh was recorded as a 40 year old widower, a mechanic living in Fourth Street Belfast, the son of Hugh Napier a shoemaker, while spinster Letitia was also shown as living in Fourth Street and was described as the 32 year old daughter of James Owens, a stonemason... the civil ceremony was witnessed by John and Catherine Owens.     

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