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William John Scott family
« on: August 27, 2019, 11:27:19 PM »
Can anyone help with this family?   William John Scott and wife Mary Ellen (or Ann) Dowd lived on Molyneux Street in 1901 and Sussex St in 1911 (census Ireland).
William born abt 1847 and Mary Ellen (Ann?) Dowd about 1866.   Cannot find marriage certificate.    Would like to know who their parents are / where they were born.
they had 7 children ..  Hugh, Elizabeth, Agnes Jane, Susan, George, Henry and Maggie Scott.
Thank you.


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Re: William John Scott family
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 03:58:20 PM »
i think all i can offer is a guide towards  civil parish for Dromore for Scott background

William John Scott b~1842 m 1866 where did you get this marriage please?  location  unknown Mary Ellen (or Ann) Dowd

1901 census 21 in Molyneux Street (Dock Ward, Antrim) & in 1911  24 Sussex st York Street to North Queen Street I just did the parents for location purposes
William Scott    [Wm J  in 1911] 48 [11 yrs older than his wife [64 in 1911, and now 19 years older than his wife]   Male   Head of Family Church of Ireland Dromore Laborer Read and wrigh -Married in 1911c 20yrs 10 children, 6 living   -
Mary Ann Scott 37 [45 in 1911c] Female Wife Church of Ireland Co Down HousekeeperRead and write-Married 20 years would be m in 1890-1   -
staying in the house in 1911 is George Dowds a nephew aged 7 so Mary had a brother. I noted Dowds spelling. I started to search all dowds in Belfast who had missing children as listed in the census reurn and those living in the household I stopped with another family of catholic background , you could continue trying to find Georges family for more clues for the Dowds
trying griffiths valuation with luck a relation etc
Scott   James      Ballykeel   Dromore   Down
Scott   David      Ballysallagh   Dromore   Down
Scott   Henry C.   Drumlough   Dromore   Down
Scott   James      Drummiller   Dromore   Dow
Scott   Elizabeth   Killysorrell   Dromore   Down
Scott   James      Killysorrell   Dromore   Down
Scott   James      Lurganbane   Dromore   Down
Scott   James      Lurganbane   Dromore   Down
doing Dowds for all Co Down
Dowd   James      Burren   Clonallan   Down
Dowd   John      Moygannon   Donaghcloney   Down
Dowd   Joseph      Moygannon   Donaghcloney   Down
Dowd   Daniel      Knockbarragh   Kilbroney   Down
Dowd   Patrick   Ballynahatten   Kilkeel   Down
Dowd   James      Benagh LowerKilkeel   Down
Dowd   Ann      Dunnaman   Kilkeel   Down
Dowd   Charles   Dunnaman   Kilkeel   Down
Dowd   Patrick   Dunnaman   Kilkeel   Down
Dowd   John      Ballymakeonan   Magheralin   Down
Dowd   Henry      Edenmore   Magheralin   Down
Dowd   James      Lismaine   Magheralin   Down
Dowd   James      Taughrane   Magheralin   Down
Dowd   James      Village of Dollingstown,Taughrane   Magheralin   Down
Dowd   John      Bottier      Moira   Down
Dowd   Patrick   Greenan   Newry   Down
Dowd   Margaret   Upper Water Street,Newry   Newry   Down
Dowd   Bernard   Ballydugan   Tullylish   Down
Dowd   James      Drumaran   Tullylish   Down
checking out ros Davies Co Down website   

ancestryireland has 2 marriages dated~1867 which is close to your 1866

I didnt find the marriage at either church or civil marriages at with entry as Belfast district and without

familysearch none for 1866
a  William John Scott death infant death`/ 1867 B

searched molyneux street discovered it changed its spelling to MOLYNEAUX
 after 1880 and before  1890. No Scott  also not listed in 1895-1900 in molyneaux st. lennonwylie see PRONI strt directories

so apologies no sign of marriage yet


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Re: William John Scott family
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2019, 04:08:18 PM »
JimG ..  that was very logical thinking!    However I suspect that George Dowds might have been Mary (Dowd/s) sister's son.   It does say nephew .. or I might have thought grandson.
I have done dna testing and one of my matches has a family tree that ends with William John and Mary Ellen or Mary Ann Dowds.   I need to find those parents.
Another name in the family tree is McGarry.   

It would appear that this family is church of Ireland.   

Well I have some digging to do .. thank you for those suggestions!    Maybe they never married.   Magheralin is the direction I will start.
I went through Lennon Wylie streets and Scotts lived on Molyneux til 1910 as I recall ..  I know there are 2 spellings and I havent looked at the 'eaux' one.   

Why are some families so much harder than others?   But many thanks!

Much appreciated!!