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Re: Work permit
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 I was from north America so I needed one.  The chap at Corporation Street dole office who issued my work permit was quite frank about the purpose of work permits. Stormont introduced them to discourage folk from the Republic coming north for work.


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Re: Work permit
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I recall in my youth my Father was working night shift on an

open cast coal site working on a drag line. He was half way up

greasing it. Some one started the machine. The cable ran over his left

hand amputating two fingers !!

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Re: Work permit
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I remember as a boy my Father was picked up by lorry. he

travelled in the back.If you were sick you were knocked out of

bed. Many a sick man might have been worked to death. The

Ganger's name was Joe Carrol.Nearly 50 years later at my Father's

request I drove my Father to an address just outside Blyth. The

man that answered the door was a giant of a man who looked

like Desperate Dan, my Father's old ganger .Still great mates.

A far cry from the days you described above,