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Curly Wurly
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Curly Wurly[/font]
This Cadbury’s Curly Wurly television advertisement from the 1970s features Terry Scott of ‘Terry and June' fame dressed up as a schoolboy on a school trip to the British Museum.  The ad focuses on a conversation between the schoolboy and the Museum’s security guard:[/font]
Schoolboy: “How much is that vase?”[/font]
Security Guard: “It is 1,000 years old and worth £10,000.”[/font]
Schoolboy: “Ha, ha this Curly Wurly with all its mile of chewy toffee covered in creamy Cadbury’s chocolate is 10 minutes old and only costs 3p.  Of course you can’t stick flowers in it.” (His schoolmates laugh and a smile appears on the face of the Security Guard).  “Ah, but you can’t chew a vase.”[/font]
The ad ends with the boys leaving the museum as a Curly Wurly bar appears on the screen with a 3p price on it and the strapline: ‘Curly Wurly out chews everything for 3p.’   The Curly Wurly was launched by Cadbury’s in 1970.  The German version of the popular chocolate bar was called ‘Leckerschmecker.’  An online poll among retro confectionery aficionados was conducted in 2004 with the outcome being that the Curly Wurly was the most popular chocolate bar still in production.[/font]

Were you a Curly Wurly fan?[/font]

Try this link to enjoy once again.[/font][/color]
Just one of the memories I have written about in “Kicking Through The Troubles- How eManchester United Helped To Heal A Divided Community.”[/size]