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Belfast - Mills - Teeling
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:28:07 PM »
Hi All,
I am carrying out research on mill on the border of Dublin and Meath at Forde de Fyne which was built by the Teeling family and was a linen mill.

I came across a 10 year old audio recording which mentions a man coming to visit the site of the mill at Forde de Fyne, Fingal, Dublin 25 years ago (now 35 years ago) and he was a Teeling from Belfast who was restoring a mill.

Whilst restoring the mill he came across old log books from the mill at Ford de Fyne, Naul, Dublin.

The elderly man who met this visitor from Belfast has since died and there were never any contact details left - the old man intended contacting the man but I dont think he ever managed to as the only details he had was that the man was a 'Teeling from Belfast restoring a mill'.

I would be interested in trying to view the books if at all possible!

Just wondering if anyone is aware of, or would happen to know any Teelings who own a mill or who have in the past (or intended to) restore a mill in Belfast?

I would like to try and contact this person!

Any help at all with this very vague query is realy appreciated!

Many thanks!

Kind regards,
Ian Lennon