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Lyons Family Holywood
« on: November 25, 2019, 03:49:26 PM »
My grandmother's maiden name was Lyons.  Her family lived for several generations on the Shankill Road, and they belonged to Townsend Street Presbyterian.  The names Samuel and Robert are two names that reccur for male family members.  My great grandfather was Samuel Lyons, his father was Robert and he also had a brother named Samuel. I believe that their father was also a Samuel Lyons, born around 1806.  On the 1901 census it states that Samuel (Snr) and Robert Lyons were born in County Down, but I never knew where until recently.  I have since found death notices from the local press showing that, although the family was living in Belfast, they  had a family burying ground in the Priory cemetery in Holywood.  I have also found that the family circle was a lot bigger than I had suspected, with members living not only in and around the Shankil but also around Sandy Row/The Village/Grosvenor Road area - I am still trying to make sence of all the possible connections.  I visited the Priory cemetery a few weeks ago but couldn't find any headstones, although the council staff were able to confirm the existence of a family plot in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.  I would be interested to hear from anyone with connections to Lyons in Holywood.


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Re: Lyons Family Holywood
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sam barry

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Re: Lyons Family Holywood
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Are any of these relatives?

Record details
Name of deceased   Samuel Lyons
Last place of residence   5 Quinnville Downshire Rd H'Wood
Age   73
Sex   NK
Date of death   29 November 1970
Date of burial   1 December 1970
Cemetery   Roselawn Cemetery
Grave section and number   U 1412
Burial Type   Earth Burial

Also in the same Grave:

Occupants of grave U 1412, Roselawn Cemetery
Forename   Surname   Age   Date of death   Date of burial   Cemetery    Details   
Samuel   Lyons   73   29 November 1970   1 December 1970   Roselawn Cemetery   View details   
Wendy   Lyons   2 Mons   21 May 1973   23 May 1973   Roselawn Cemetery   View details   
Martha   Lyons   72   1 June 1968   4 June 1968   Roselawn Cemetery   View details   

Another one from the Shankill Area:

Record details
Name of deceased   Mr Samuel Lyons
Last place of residence   32 Upper Meenan Street
Age   66 Yrs
Date of death   4 November 1909
Date of burial   6 November 1909
Cemetery   City Cemetery
Grave section and number   M1 100
Burial Type   Earth Burial

Others in the Grave:

Occupants of grave M1 100, City Cemetery
Forename   Surname   Age   Date of death   Date of burial   Cemetery    Details   
Grace   Beattie   1 Year 6 Months   1 July 1899   3 July 1899   City Cemetery   View details   
Samuel   Lyons   66 Yrs   4 November 1909   6 November 1909   City Cemetery   View details   
Eliza   Lyons   54 Yrs   24 November 1897   26 November 1897   City Cemetery   View details   
Elizabeth   Lyons   73 Years   19 May 1941   21 May 1941   City Cemetery   View details   
Amelia   Lyons   84 Yrs   13 October 1959   15 October 1959   City Cemetery   View details   


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Re: Lyons Family Holywood
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Argo/Sam Barry , may thanks for the steers.  I am just beginning to uncover the network of Lyons (or should that be the pride )  Many thanks for the info.  I will see if  there are connections.  Amelia is a name that recurrs as well so there are some promising hints.


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Re: Lyons Family Holywood
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entries that might fit at some stage
Ros Davies extraordinary Co Down website   has a couple of entries that might fit at some stage.
John   LYONS   . Holywood   son of late Samuel Lyons of Strandtown; married Mary Adams (daughter of John Adams of Belfast Institution) 8 Nov 1833 at Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast   PR
John   LYONS   . Holywood   son of Samuel Lyons; married Charlotte Berry 24 Apr 1856

when I searched for Lyons Holywood in the ecatalogue I had one specific result   
PRONI Reference   Date(s)   Title/Description   Digital Record
D1131/1   10 February 1828-31 December 1828   Diary by George Bristow written in Italian
old weather. My father went to Holywood to visit Mrs Lyons, and found her much better than he expected. Hetty MacManus came to visit here.[Thursday 31 July 1828].

the 1911 census  High Street (Hollywood Urban, Down)
Lyons   Francis   24   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Armagh   Merchant Grocer   Read and write   -   Single