Author Topic: Need Belfast local people to record audio for our AI voice system project  (Read 1459 times)


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Hi every one, I am looking for help, need Belfast local people to record audio for our  AI voice system project, 400 short sentences, recording take about 1 hour,  pay£12 cash. We need 300 people in total.
Important has to be BELFAST LOCAL ACCENT.

I need few people to help me to do this work, if you have lot free time in this month:

You need an iPhone plus a Samsung and plus any other brand Android phone( 3 in total) , each person done the recording will be rewarded with commission £10.

Or, I can lend you 3 mobile phones and with £8 commission per person. (counted by valid Pronunciation[size=78%], i.e. no problem with audio data)[/size]

3 Phones recording at same time, 400 sentence take about 1 hour.

You need find the people who have BELFAST LOCAL ACCENT.

More details please see picture.

If you are interested in it, please PM me or email to huarenfm @ gmail . com