Author Topic: My hubby's GGfather was George Hillis.Married on 20/1/1859 St.Anne's. Shankhill.  (Read 1150 times)


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Thank you so much for all this info. I have read through it and am trying to put it together as a family tree but am struggling a bit. Do you know in the Census, what do the initials RW and against Isabella S/L mean? As most of the info adds up apart from some of the dates , where in your opinion does the "William and Isabella  and their son " fit in.
I have been stuck for years trying to get around Robert but not having the knowlege and reference sites you seem to have ,I was not able to progress. This would seem to be the most logical answer. Is there any mention anywhere re Joseph Kennegy Hillis marrying. I think I found a reference of him somewhere which suggested he died young, Unfortunately at the time I hadn't realised he was my Hubby's Grandfather's (Samuel) brother and haven't managed to find it since.

RW = Read Write

(Isabella) S/L - Sister in Law

IMO, everything points to William and Isabella and their son being the same folk as George and Isabella, it's a simple mistake in the father's forename in William's birth registration.

Joseph Kennedy Hillis died in 1899:

BTW, John Stevenson and Margaret Hillis (reply #8, m. 1852) named one of their children 'Kennedy' Hillis Stevenson, here's his marriage registration in 1879, so there's clearly a Kennedy connection lurking somewhere in the background:

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Thank you for all your help but it would appear from further reserch and dna tests that this was the wrong "Samuel Hillis". I have kept all the info as he could crop up further down the line.

It would seem that he lied about his age (or didn't actually know it) on the census both 1901 & 1911.
The right Samuel was born in Castleblaney and his father was Francis and his mother was a Robinson.
His wife was Elizabeth / Lizzy /Eliza Berry and her Father was John and her mother was a Wylie
Run into much the same problems trying to find any documentation for them.

Colin Hillis

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Hi everyone,[/size]

I have traced my family back to the same family of Hillis for Aghalee/Aghagallon/Ballinderry/Drumanduff/Ballykeel/Aghadrumglasney....etc etc etc

I believe that the head male George Hillis discussed here is a brother of my GGG Grandfather Joseph Hillis who appear to have farmed land in the area (specifically Ballykeel and Aghadrumglasney). There are a number of children born to Joseph Hillis and Jane Hillis (nee Thompson) including Rev William Hillis (1832-1885), who moved to Reigate in Liverpool.....and my own GG Grandfather Richard John Hillis.

The only reason that I know the names Joseph and Jane are from birth and marriage certificates for their children. The fact that farmland is registered to a Joseph Hillis seems to confirm this.  I have searched and searched and cannot find anything that provides information about Joseph and Jane. I have no idea when/where they died and have no idea if they moved to the area or were born there. Given the multiple Hillis familes in that area, I am tempted to think that they were born there.

A William John Thompson died in 1908 and left money to Richard John Hillis and a William John White from Ballyhomra, Hillsborough. Interestingly a lady called Ruth White (also Ballyhomra) died in 1900-1901 and left money to Richard John Hillis (my GG Grandfather). So I am sure of the Thompson connection and I think this confirms Janes maiden name, but I have no lead on the White family. I was hoping that researching the White and Thompson names might ultimately provide a lead on my Joseph and Jane Hillis.

Any help much appreciated.

Colin Hillis