Author Topic: Spooky goings on in 91 Great Victoria Street (Park House / Ciro’s Trattoria)  (Read 483 times)


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Beardy’s recent post about a Great Victoria Street restaurant prompted me to enquire here about something that I have been curious about. [/size]

I’m interested in the history of a building on Great Victoria Street, Belfast. The current building at 91 Gt. Victoria St. is Park House and it dates from around 1990, but it used to be part of a Victorian row of houses known as Balmoral Terrace and was home of Ciro’s trattoria (said to be the first restaurant that opened along the ‘Golden Mile’.) The reason for my interest is because of some very odd and unexplainable goings on in this building. [/size]

A story was told to me by someone whose daughter was in the building and she could smell a curious burning smell in a downstairs loo. It may seem fantastical, but she emerged from the cubicle to see ‘someone’ or something sitting down and literally smouldering. She told her Mum, who then mentioned it to a colleague and amazingly the daughter’s story was corroborated by someone else who worked in the building and had experienced the exact same phenomenon. [/size]

I have looked into the history of the building via the online British Newspaper Archive (it used to be 49 Gt. Victoria Street until the street was renumbered in the early 1900’s) and I tracked its owners via the Belfast Street Directories but found no mention of a fire or fatalities in the building. Has anyone ever worked in this building and experienced or heard tell of anything similar? [/size]

Thanks.  [/size]


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From what I can see, Park House incorporates 87-91, so quite a mixture of residency / use, for example, this in 1960:

87. Bell's Markets, Ltd., grocers
89a. Flats -
   (1) McCrudden, Samuel, linen merchant
   (2) Gilleece, Miss Angela
   (3) Murphy, Joseph
   (4) Knight, Mrs. E.
   (5) McMullan, Miss Kathleen
   (6) Curran, ?
89-91. Willis & Co., House Furnishers

If there are any images posted above that are important to you, take your own copy - I cannot guarantee they will appear indefinitely.