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William McFarlane
« on: February 03, 2020, 12:06:51 PM »
Hi I'm looking for direct decedent's of James McFarlane. James McFarlane SR had the following children. James Jr, William my great granddad who married Florence Brown) ,Anne Jane, Jessie 28 Norwood Street.(who married Victor Glassey and had children Victor, Helen, Rosslyn, . I'm looking for children/grandchildren/great grandchildren, Neices nephew's of any of the above. I'm looking for living relative's. I would love to connect. They had been living in fortingle st, Norwood Street, on different census 1901/1911. The last address I have for James sr is Norwood Street in 1940. When he when he died I know that James Jr married a lady called Nancy?? Rock. Nancy died  23rd March 1967. James  McFarlane jr had the following children I think Robert, George,. In the paper notices there are names of grandchildren/in law's Jean foster, Bertha McFarlane, Christopher, Jane , Elizabeth, Anne, Margret, Jim,Roy,. John.S will have the McFarlane surname some will perhaps be ,Gargan, Glassey, Foster, and variants. James Jr died after an accident on the 7th March 1970. If anyone knows anybody that I have mentioned above it would be lovely to hear from them. Thanks Keilly