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1955-1960 Belfast
« on: February 09, 2020, 08:21:11 PM »
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what Belfast was like during 1955-1960?


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Re: 1955-1960 Belfast
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Welcome to your first message which so depends on what you are expecting as everyone will have a different opinion and memories
here on the forum  if you havenít discovered it already, use the search engine on top rh corner block  and type in 1955-1960 there are 2 pages of entries to give you ideas spot how many memories includes the local sweetie shop.

I would suggest going to a big library and look up reviews of each year in Belfast newspapers where you will find all sorts of things, you will also find what writers were reading, writing, listening and watching. A wee sampler
Elections took place
Tomelty, Joseph All soul's night: A play (Carter's Irish plays) 1955
Blanchflower, Dannie footballer survived the Munich air crash 6th Feb 1958 severely injured, brother of Danny
White, James The Secret Visitors  [locations in NI  in his 1st science fiction] 1957, Ace Books
Ervine , St. John Greer    George Bernard Shaw 1956 
McFadden, Roy [Ed] Threshold, No 18.Belfast, 1955. 68p a literary journal.
Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society 135th-138th Sessions Proceedings and Reports Sessions 1955/56-1958/59 Second Series Volume 5   Belfast, N. Ireland, 1960
Baker Joseph Belfast in the 1950's: 1955 - 1959 Pt. 2 Paperback Ė 10 Apr 2009 Paperback: 64 pages Glenravel Local History Project
Mayne,  Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair "Paddy" d 14 Dec 1955 one of the British Army's most highly decorated soldiers b Newtownards well known in Belfast
Lord, Walter  A night to remember RMS Titantic became a bestseller in 1955 and later a film
The IRA had a campaign starting just before and ending just after your timeline

I was 20 -25, born and bred in Belfast, not particularly happy or enjoying life, thinking about people behaviour, about myself, where did I fit in , starting to rejudge my childhood friends and relationships, enjoyed pubs and some dancing inc the Floral Hall.  I worked hard, had a short job in a cornish clay mine where I was known as Paddy, and to my astonishment in the small village where I was living in a boarding house got asked why was I living on the wrong side of the street, people of my sort of religion lived on the other side of the street . I didnít change but found that unsettled me, and shortly returned to Belfast. I was starting to read a book or two a week, over the next 2 years I was employed in Belfast but sent to London for six weeks office management training and experienced no problems with my background at work or in private , then I became a stationery and printing salesman in Belfast for 3 years.
however by 1960 I became restless again and changed jobs because I was the youngest salesman and paid less than the older married men, but i sold more goods than them, I requested a more even salary and commission and was turned down sharply, on learning I would be reconsidered if I married, I left at the first opportunity as I wasnít ready to marry yet. got happily married later
good luck on your project


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Re: 1955-1960 Belfast
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Hi Jim,

Thank you for the reply and the searching tips! I'm still quite new and sifting through some great material here. And thank you for sharing your experience. From my research it seems that the early fifties, at least, were a relatively peaceful time, and that the violence began to seep back into society in the late fifties, sporadically before the Troubles really broke out in the sixties. Does that assessment sound correct to you? What was the political atmosphere like during those later years of the fifties?