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Lesley McCooey

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« on: February 18, 2020, 01:11:39 AM »
hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I'm looking for someone who has or knows where to source a booklet that was published by the beechmount memorial committee years ago called green River? it is in memory of the dead, my husband's uncle was killed in 1977 by the British army and his story is in this booklet along with a poem dedicated to him by his mum rosion McCooey? they like bed in beechmount parade but are now deceased, I'm hoping someone can help as I would love to either have a copy for him or even photo copy as a gift for my husband, thank you in advance if you can help 😁

city hall

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Re: McCooey
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Hi Lesley, if you go onto a website called Cain Sutton and search either by name or date of death you will find an entry for Daniel McCooey which includes a photo of him. He died on 20th May 1977, 3 weeks after being injured in an incident in Castle Street which is in Belfast city centre. If you can then get access to a book called Lost Lives(it is no longer in print but your local library may have a copy of it) the entry for Daniel makes reference to the book Green River and reproduces the poem written by his mother Roisin.