Author Topic: Winecellar Entry History  (Read 184 times)

Francis Higgins

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Winecellar Entry History
« on: March 15, 2020, 04:14:05 PM »
Anyone got any info or can point me to specific sources relating to the history of Winecellar Enrty?  I'm looking into the connections with the McCrackens and also the history of the area down the ages including the world wars (I can't seem to find any pics of the entry in WWII as the area around it was flattened.  Any help appreciated and shared.


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Re: Winecellar Entry History
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I found this on the internet   - Winecellar Entry

And this, lifted from another site   -

Valentine Jones
Valentine was a merchant with West Indian interests – Belfast’s trade with the West Indies was more important than its trade with continental Europe. He was at the Society’s inaugural meeting in August 1752. The Valentine Jones dynasty, which had premises at Winecellar Entry off High Street, Belfast, were wine merchants and rum and sugar importers who had established a thriving agency in Barbados where they bought goods from the planters and also sold goods to them.