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Maypole Bar Holywood, formerly Millfield; O'Kane family
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Does anyone know the family history of the O’Kane's who owned the Maypole Bar in Holywood?[/size]

The bar was originally situated in Millfield, in Belfast, certainly up until World War One, because a grand-uncle of mine worked there for a while about that time. Perhaps the pub was burned down in the 1920s Troubles and the owner decided to move to Holywood?

The pub belonged to a Michael "Mickey" O’Kane who in in 1869 was living in 58 York Street. He was the executor of the will of his brother Hugh O’Kane.

I presume that Mickey married and had a family, since the pub stayed in the O’Kane family for several generations. Perhaps it still is today.

There was another related Mickey O'Kane, born about 1880. I do not know if he was the son or a grandson of the publican. When his parents died Mickey went to live with his cousins James and Charles O'Kane in 50 Barrack Street; this is confirmed by the 1901 Census. In the 1950s  he lived in Institution Place and worked in the Pound Mill.

Mickey O’Kane the publican had two brothers, James and Hugh, who were coal merchants and carters and lived in Barrack Street.

James’ family carried on their coal business from Barrack Street for several generations.

Hugh died young. One of his sons, Edward/Ned, married a girl called Jane Cush(naghan) and settled down in 35 Albert Street from where he carried on his family coal business  until  his death in 1936. His son Ned took over the coal business after him, until his retirement in approx. 1960. This is the O’Kane branch from which I am descended.

The three brothers, Michael, Hugh and James, originated in the area comprising Ballynacooley and/or Brannach? and/or Cranfield, in Co. Antrim, close to Lough Neagh.
- O'Rourke, Beggins, O'Kane, Cush(naghan), Magee and Moore
- Barrack St, lower Falls, Frederick St, St. George's St, N. Queen St