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Sydenham Primary School
« on: April 27, 2020, 09:59:23 PM »
Hi everyone! - I'm new to the forum and been reading with a lot of interest about my wonderful old stomping grounds.
I'm Ian Ross - now in my mid 50's - was born in Kyle Street in the mid-60's,  moved to Larkfield Road around 1970 then a few moves on Strandburn Drive. I went to Sydenham Infant School ( had Mrs. Kennedy in P3?) and then Sydenham Primary School until about 1977 then the family moved to England.  I've been living in Ontario, Canada now for the past 20 years.
As I grow older I'm increasingly curious to know how any of my old mates are doing or how others recollect living in and around Sydenham?
I remember the Chippy on Larkfield Road very well (my sister Lynn worked there in the early 70's). One of the Primary School teachers that left a lasting impression on me was Miss Harkness (around 1975?)- she played guitar and we all sang "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "The Titanic" - I credit Miss Harkness for my lifelong obsession for guitars. I think the Headmaster's name at the time was Mr. Stalworthy? - but I probably have the spelling wrong. I remember some of my classrooms were green port-a-cabins that were parked in the middle of the playground. I remember my dad rowing us around Victoria Park in the wooden row boats there. 
I hung around with Gary Hilliard, my cousin Thomas Muirhead, my friend 'Denny' whose dad or granddad used to pick him up from school in a 3-wheeled bubble car. We spent many long summer days playing on what we called 'the blackie' which was a big hill that came down from Palmerston Road to Strandburn Drive. We used to have our 'bony's' there up on top of the hill every July. Further up Palmerston Road on the right hand side was an old, deserted 'mansion' that we used to call 'the haunted'. It sat in what we thought were huge overgrown gardens with lots of heavy caterpillar tractors and cranes etc. Very fun place to play. There were truly magical days - wish I'd known it at the time though!!  Feel free to reply - thank you. Ian

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Re: Sydenham Primary School
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 01:12:25 PM »
Hi Ian,
Welcome to the Forum.
If you look to the top right hand corner of any page on the Forum site you will see a search box. My suggestion to you is to type in Sydenham Primary School & hit the search button. That will bring up the same or similar topics that people have previously raised in discussion on the Forum.
Type in your Street names etc, you will be amazed what turns up.
Good luck & enjoy your research.