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Re: Corpus Christie priest
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 The leaders of the Catholic Church, Church of Ireland, Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church and the Irish Council of Churches have now also made clear that they do not believe that church gatherings should resume "at this time
  " Catholic Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin emphasised that the Churches were speaking with one voice on the re-opening issue.
He told The Irish News that "Church leaders do not want buildings open for Sunday services or Masses" at this time.
But Dr Martin - who yesterday marked seven years as Archbishop of Armagh - said he had been moved by the support from other Churches
for private prayer to be resumed."
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Re: Corpus Christie priest
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I am shocked and horrified, why is this priest putting the lives of his Parishioners at risk by calling them out to stand in a queue for over an hour to hear their confession right in the middle of a Pandemic of a killer virus covid 19, does he not understand what going out for essential things means, does he not understand ď Stay home Save lives. He stated he had been meeting people privately to hear their confession, well Fr Paddy MCafferty Corpus Christie PP think that would work out better. Confession is a very private moment so why in Gods name was this allowed to be reported, in newspapers and TV news, and photos taken during the private moments of confession, are you needing the attention, because your parishioners donít need to be placed at risk. I didnít see any antibacterial sprays about him to spray the locked gates,
Last week it was reported Fr McCafferty blessing the streets, Fr McCafferty your heart may be in the right place but certainly not your mind.
People are scared and lonely, a wee phone call might break their long day, and it will surely not put them at risk of this horrible virus. Letís keep your parishioners safe, along with the News reporters and TV crew you attracted to you in your moment of attention and madness. Stay at home Stay Safe.

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Re: Corpus Christie priest
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