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Mullen Family Nail Street
« on: May 05, 2020, 09:27:34 PM »
Looking for any information on the Mullen family of Nail Street. Hugh and Mary, they had a son johnny who married Mary Donaghy.


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Re: Mullen Family Nail Street
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2020, 05:52:45 PM »
hoping this helps

what I found I turned into the start of a draft family tree where the second entry births appear to differ by 10 years or more in later records, nevertheless the similarities
are strong enough to include in a draft tree

A speculative tree reguiring more time

1.  John Mullen a carpenter bbb1824 probably belfast
1.1.  John Mullan b 1850-1[ however source  gives John Mullen 22 yr ( b 1840) a smith, son of a John Mullen a carpenter
Smith R Catholic  a Coal labourer in 1901 m 24 August 1862  St Annes Cathedral Ellen Mullan formerly Murrey b1852-3  R Catholic a yarn spinner in1901  dau of of William Murrey a farmer.  read an write 1901 cant read and write1911 
1901 residence  23 Nail St
1911 residence 23.1 Nail St
1.1.1.  Hugh Mullan ie Mullin b 28th Jun 1877  R Catholic a general labourer in 1901 son of John Mullin and Ellen Mullin formerly Ellen Drain both of Bridge End , Castlereagh district No 1 Belfast Co Down m 1900 St Peter Mary Lindsay  dau of Robert Lindsay a labourer address 6 Scotch St Belfast.  note a henry drain lived round the corner of Nail st in Baker St.
children apparently had 16 children
.... Johnny  Mullan b 1901 m Mary Donaghy
.... Hugh Mullan b 15 May 1903  52 Nail st  parents Hugh and Catherine
.... Patrick b ~1904-5
.... many more
1.1.2.  [Sarah] Sary Jane Mullan  b 1880-1 R Catholic yarn a spinner in 1901
1.1.3.  Ellen Mullan  b 1882-3 R Catholic a yarn spinner in 1901
1.1.4.  John Mullan 10 in 1911 cant read and write1911 could this John could be1.1.1.

the above is based on your info, plus these sources
1901 census Nail Street is to be found under Noel Street Smithfield
the entry for 23 Noel Street all used see
note in 1901 they had a boarder Minnie cummins

1907 St directory
Nail Street English Street to Irwin Street
23. Mullan, John, labourer
33. Mullan, T., labourer

1911 census
23.1 in Nail Street (Smithfield, Antrim) this clearly spelt with an e Mullen. info all used
Mullan Ellen now Head of Family and sonJohn aged10  all used
23.2 in Nail Street (Smithfield, Antrim) where are they in 1901
Mullan John 30 R Catholic County Antrim Breaklayer Labourer and wife Mary m 4 years
Can read write English Married - 4 2 -
Mullan Mary 28 Female Wife R Catholic County Antrim Flax Spinner Can read write - Married - 4 2 -  ARE THEY 23.2  CONNECTED?

62.1 in Baker Street (Smithfield, Antrim)
Hugh Mullan   and Catherine ie Mary Kathleen Lindsay family married 4 yrs, 4children born,, b 3 living all used
however Johnny birth is recorded at the maternity Hospital Belfast area 2 Co Antrim you should buy s copy  see
26th Jan 1901 John father Hugh Mullan a labourer, 25 Nail St  mother Mary Kathleen Mullan formerly Lindsay reg 1st mar 1901
 the marriage buy a copy
31st Dec 1900 Mary Lindsay  dau of Robert Lindsay a labourer address 6 Scotch St Belfast [in St Peter ‘s church] showing a John Mullen a Smith son of John Mullen b~1834 Belfast m Ellen Murrey b~1832 dau of William Murrey a farmer 

I wondered about a john Mullen a carpenter in 49 Dagmar Street off Old Lodge Road in in 1861 could he be Johnny’s gt grandfather

it should need alterations changes and corrections , and copies of originals to turn it into a formal tree.   it is a draft with a flimsy start
good luck in your quest and have fun


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Re: Mullen Family Nail Street
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2020, 06:47:40 PM »
Thank you so much JimG, a lot to look in to there will crack on with it all. Thank you again x