Author Topic: Looking for Cowden or Hogg family members or relatives, possibly ex Malcolm St.  (Read 246 times)


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Hi all

we recently placed a thread in the genealogy section, [size=78%],79683.0.html[/size] trying to trace Cowden family roots. 

The excellent information and links we received has helped us to find two complete generations of family but of course information is scarce, except family announcements in newspapers, between 1920 & today.

My wife's father was Hamilton Cowden of 29, Malcolm St, (b1921) who left Belfast for the Isle of Man in around 1938, to find work. He went with his brother Robert J Cowden, both met & married Manx ladies called Joan, Robert ultimately returned to Belfast, Hamilton stayed on the Isle of Man.

The brothers were part of the family of Robert Cowden (d1944) & Catherine Dorian (d1939), which lived at 29 Malcolm St.   Out of the 12 children, at least 8 had a family. I've traced 34 children, so far.

Kitty (McGready), James, William, George, Archibald & Hamilton.  But the aforementioned Robert J Cowden &  Hamilton Hogg, married two of the Cowden sisters Elizabeth then Mary had by far the largest families.

We'd love to hear from any members of the family, people who knew or know any of the family, or ex-Malcolm St residents!

Colin on behalf of Katrina Cowden.