Author Topic: Stella Marie Christie - Christie family Ardoyne  (Read 485 times)


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Stella Marie Christie - Christie family Ardoyne
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I'm attempting to trace back the origins of my grandmother called Stella Marie Christie (born 27th November 1935) who was from Ardoyne and had brothers called Paul and Jimmy (who was supposedly a streetfighter) and sisters called Kathleen and Anne.

My dad tells me that when he briefly visited in the 1970s he remembers some of the family having a firewood business and he remembers members of the family living around Falls Road and Jamaica Street.

Stella left Belfast prior to 1965 and moved to Bradford, West Yorkshire and married a man called Harold Trevelyan.

She briefly returned to Belfast in the 1970s with her three children Rosaline, John and Adrian.

Does anyone know anything about Stella Marie Christie?




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Re: Stella Marie Christie - Christie family Ardoyne
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Hi Stella,
I'm originally from Jamaica Street - now in Australia. If it's the same family, they had two houses a few doors up from me. They did run a firewood business from a shed out the back. I remember Paul - a bit older than me, Mary & Theresa, his sisters and my Mum's best mates. One was my sponsor for Confirmation. Sorry, can't remember if it was Mary or Theresa now. I will try to stir my memory, but it was a long time ago & I have no-one alive that I can ask from the family.