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Constantine McDaid (McDade)
« on: June 21, 2020, 05:05:10 PM »
Hello. I am hoping someone on here might be able to help. I have two queries relating to my father, Constantine McDaid (McDade) (b. 17th March 1926 in Banbridge, Co Down; d. 10th January 1997 in Camborne, Cornwall):

1. According to the electoral roll for Southwark, south London, he was living in a doss house in 1953. I am assuming this is the year he moved from Belfast to London. After that, the trail goes cold until 1975, the year he married my mother, Janet (Jeanette) Williams. At this time, he was a chef at the Headland Hotel, Coverack (?). I have been unable to find any record of him in the intervening years, but I remember him telling me he lived in east London for a time, and he lived in a lodging house run by a woman called Betty. While I cannot comment on the precise nature of their relationship, they must have been very close because he was the person who washed, dressed and laid her out after she died; something one would only do for a loved one. Does anyone know anything about him during this period? Where did he live? Who was Betty? Why did he leave London and move to Cornwall?

2. When he left Belfast, he didn't tell anyone he was leaving. Literally, one day he was there, the next he was gone. According to one cousin and a family friend, no one could work out why he left so suddenly without telling anyone where he was going or why. However, my cousin did mention that her mother (Ellen/Elsie) had tracked him down. She wrote to him frequently, but he never replied. Before he left, both him and his family lived at 46, Rockwell Street, just off the Falls Road. To my knowledge, the McDaids got on well with their neighbours and were well-known and liked in the community. This is borne out by the fact that, right up until 1997, the year my aunt (Elizabeth/Bonnie) died, the house on Rockwell Street was the family home. Elizabeth was the last McDaid to live there. My grandparents' and Elizabeth's final resting place is in Milltown Cemetery. According to the cemetery records, the plot was in Elizabeth's name. However, because both her final resting place is the same as my grandparents - and Elizabeth died in 1997 - someone must have either purchased the headstone after Elizabeth died, or paid to have her name engraved on it. More intriguing is the fact that, although none of the family live in that area any more (to my knowledge), someone still periodically lays flowers there. Elizabeth never married and had no children. She was also the youngest of my dad's nine siblings and, to my knowledge, the last of them to pass away. So, who puts the flowers there? Why did my dad just up and leave without telling anyone where he was going, or his reason for doing so? DID he tell someone outside the family? Does someone outside the family know what happened to make him do this?

If anyone can help me by answering my questions, I would be incredibly grateful. Having learned the circumstances under which he left, never to return again, I feel there is a large gap between the man I knew as my father and the man whose life and family clearly belonged in Belfast.

 Thanking you kindly.