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Kearney & Miles
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:02:28 PM »
I am trying to trace the roots of my Irish 2nd Great Grandmother, Anne KEARNEY (nee MILES), who emigrated to New Zealand aboard the Mersey in 1862, as an assisted Immigrant, with her 5 children: Eliza (born C1841); William (C1843); Maxwell (C1844); Sarah (C1845); George (C1849).
The shipping records show that Anne came from Armagh. The records do not indicate who sponsored Anne's migration but it could have been the Canterbury Provincial Council in New Zealand

The family settled at Akaroa, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand.

The information we have on Anne is that her parents were William MILES and MARY MILES (we do not know Mary's Maiden name).
Anne's husband was William KEARNEY and we have questionable information that suggests he was a Carrier and that the couple were married C1842.

We do not know when William died but it was presumably before Anne emigrated to New Zealand.
I did find four Marriages on the Roots Ireland website of an Anne MILES C1841 (+/- 5 years) but the nearest location to Armagh was in County Meath. (The others being Co. Cavan, Co. Kildare & Co. Monaghan). I did not purchase the record as the cost for the one search was too prohibitive at this time.

To date, after many years of research by myself and others, we have not been able to progress this family in Ireland. I would be grateful for any help with how I might progress the search for them.
As this forum is for Belfast, I apologise for posting my message here but I do not know where else to post it.
Thank you.



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Re: Kearney & Miles
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2020, 05:05:03 PM »
Hi David, Welcome you have done much research to where you are, so I don’t expect to find much. keeping an open mind I will try vague clues if they exist. 
first are you aware of a tree exists on  entitled George Miles Kearney (1848 - 1903) it starts with notes on his birth saying William Kearney was born in Co Armagh Ireland to Ann[Mile] and Maxwell Kearney . There ere notes on emigration and  sources
So trying to find possible locations in co Armagh using the Tithe Applotment Books 182 was b in Armagh

18233-1838 see
sometimes a townland  or parish is in two adjoining counties so Im fairly certain it’s the same person. however maraghalin needs to be kept in mindThe locality before Co Armagh is the civil parish area I have rearranged the order by parish  then townland
Miles, Jno. T:         Gowerstown  Year: 1833--   Clonfeacle-Armagh
Miles, Richard--  Ballyscandal Year:1833-      Eglish-Armagh
Miles, William--  Donavalley Year : 1828-      Loughgall-Armagh
Miles, Elizabeth- Ballymacateer Year: 1834-   Magheralin-Armagh
Miles, Elizabeth-Ballymacateer Year: 1834-   Magheralin-Down
Miles, William- : Ballymacateer Year: 1834-   Magheralin-Armagh
Miles, William-    Ballymacateer Year: 1834-   Magheralin-Down
Miles, Patk.-         Lurgan Town Year: 1833-   Shankill-Armagh
so that’s very hopeful however the source only carries the name address and value of the building or land, that’s available by visiting PRONI Belfast but the location should help in church records if surviving

staying on the same idea griffiths valuation is dated 1864 too late for inclusionsomeone dying two years earlier has more information and maps if the family stayed in the same place, the big famine comes between them
Miles   William   Tullymore, Otra      Eglish
Miles   Agnes      Village of Mountnorris   Loughgilly
Miles   Henry      Kinnegoe         Seagoe
Miles   John, Sr.   Knocknashane         Shankill
Miles   John, Jr.   Knocknashane         Shankill
Miles   John      Derrinraw         Tartaraghan   
this result shows only Shankill  parish is common. the others have all left

changing to the Kearney spelling ie I am not looking further at this stage for variant spelling
there are 87 entries for Kearney/Kearny in the tithes too many so reducing them to those where Miles name foundfound
Kearney, Jas. T: Ballytrodden Y: 1833         Clonfeacle
Kearney, Owen   Townland : Ballydoo Year:1833   Eglish
Kearney, Richard   Townland : Ballydoo Year:1833   Eglish
Kearney, Richard   Townland : Tamlett Year:1833   Eglish
Kearney, Daniel   Townland: Lurgan Town Year: 1833      Shankill
Kearney, Francis   Townland: Gallydenrock Year: 1834      Tartaraghan
Griffith valuation from 58 entries to those areas mentioned with miles lists
Kearney   Owen   Ballydoo   Eglish      Armagh
Kearney   Hugh   Ballydoo   Eglish      Armagh
Kearney   Hugh   Tamlaght   Eglish      Armagh
Kearney   John   Greyhillan   Loughgilly   Armagh
Kearney   Peter   Lisadian   Loughgilly   Armagh
Kearney   John   Lisadian   Loughgilly   Armagh
Kearney   Daniel   Drumgask   Seagoe      Armagh

so as magheralin parish entries are recorded under co down in griffiths  I went to my favouite website Ros Dvaies Co Down website and looked at Miles and magheralin
Miss   Eleanor   MILES   .   Magheralin   married John Heany of Ballymacateer 25 Jul 1857 at Magheralin Catholic Church   PR
Miss   Isabella   MILES   .   Magheralin   of Ballymacateer; married Thomas henny 13 Nov 1825 at Magheralin Catholic Church PR
Miss   Joanna   MILES   .   Magheralin   married Richard McCamley 10 Aug 1844 at Magheralin Catholic Church   PRJohn   MILES   .   Magheralin   married Mary McCorry 4 Jan 1829 at Magheralin Catholic Church PR
John   MILES   .   Magheralin   of Killfulert; married Sarah McCane 6 Nov 1857 at Magheralin Catholic Church   PR
John   MILES/ MYLES   .   Magheralin   of Ballymacateer; husband of Sarah McKean; father of Margaret b. 10 Apr 1871 & Mary Jane ; died 27 Oct 1901CR; PE
Miss   Letitia   MILES   .   Magheralin   married James Devlin of Clare, Moira 30 Apr 1820 at Magheralin Catholic Church   PR
Miss   Mary   MYLES   .   Magheralin   married James Watson 11 Oct 1850 at Magheralin Catholic Church- dispensation given   PR
William   MILES   .    Magheralin   son of William Miles ; aged 22 married Ruth Wilson 17 Oct 1852 at Magheralin Catholic Church   PR;CR

so when she arrived in New Zealand do you know what faith she practiced if any.keeping my open mind back to tithes searching for Myles in the TABs for Co Armaghbut all are in Co Fermangh

I checked unsuccessfully Ulster historical foundation Belfast ie  and  then tried
list of single men
William (C1843); aged 19 on arrival
Maxwell (C1844); aged 18
George (C1849). aged 14 see The shipping records show the boys came from armaghAssisted emigration to Canterbury new Zealand by the ship Mersey all three entered as Armagh farm labourerswith £39 cost, someone has paid £15 and promissory not for balance 21 given
present cost to government £24 and ultimate cost to gov £3.
I didnt look further for the girls and mother that you had mentiond
So that’s an opener for you
 lets hope others join in with more knowledge of the names
Good luck JIm
Ps you could try genforum a frozen website and Rootschat CO Armagh but stay here anyway


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Re: Kearney & Miles
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2020, 08:53:06 PM »
Hello, Jim

Thank you very much for the work you have done.

We have most, if not all, of the information in the Wiki link and of the family’s time in New Zealand.

One or two researchers have shown Anne’s husband’s name as Maxwell Kearney but most of us have it recorded as William. That is something we need to follow up on.

One thing I can’t be sure of is what religion the family practiced in New Zealand although we know the LeLievre family were essentially Catholic. It is a question I have asked myself about Ann Kearney although for some reason (not sure why) I have thought her to be Protestant.

I will study the information you have provided to see where that leads me. I have also shared it with another Kearney/LeLievre descendant who is doing parallel research.

Again, many thanks for the time & effort you have put into this for me. I am most appreciative of it.

Kind regards



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Re: Kearney & Miles
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2020, 11:32:43 AM »


good morning David,  I checked my only paid subscription
Genes Reunited ie has indexes that list an individual with the tree holder listed
a full list of entries before emmigration
Elizabeth   Kearney   1863   Lurgan, Armagh, N Ir...   No   George   
John      Kearney   1861   Co. Armagh, Ireland ...   No   Michael   
Isabella   Kearney   1859   Dollingstown, Magher...   No   George   
William   Kearney   1850   County Armagh?, Nort...   No   Fiona   
George   Kearney   1849   Armagh, Armagh, Nort...   No   PKSK9   
George   KEARNEY   1848   Armagh, Ireland ...      No   Gary   
Sarah      KEARNEY   1846   Armagh, Ireland ...      No   Gary   
Maxwell   Kearney   1845   Armagh, Armagh, Nort...   No   PKSK9
Maxwell   KEARNEY   1844   Armagh, Ireland ...      No   Gary   
William   Kearney   1844   Armagh, Armagh, Nort...   No   PKSK9   
William   KEARNEY   1843   Armagh, Ireland ...      No   Gary   
Eliza      KEARNEY   1841   Armagh, Ireland ...      No   Gary   
Ann      Kearney   1837   ?Co. Armagh ...      No   Carole   
William   Kearney   1833   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George
Margaret   Kearney   1764   Co Armagh, Ireland ...   No   Amanda
??William   Kearney      Armagh, Armagh, Nort...   No   PKSK9
Ann      MILES      1818   Armagh, Ireland ...      No   Gary
Mary      Myles      1861   Co Armagh, Northern ...   No   Sara
{the No column means if as a member do you need permission to look up that treeholders imformatiom, so thar clears away ahead
I add in the same for Magheralin entries Co Down in case needed
Isabella   Kearney   1859   Dollingstown, Magher...   No   George
Thomas   Kearney   1850   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George   
Elizabeth   Kearney   1844   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George   
Robert      Kearney   1840   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George   
Eliza      Kearney   1836   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George   
William   Kearney   1833   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George   
William   Kearney   1808   Magheralin, Down, N ...   No   George   
William   Kearney   1770   Co Down, N Ireland ...   No   George   
Mary      Miles      1795   Magheralin county do...   No   James
so do you know any of the keyholders if not to contact him I think you will need to join for 6 months

have you searched the many online datbases at
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) example headings
•   they start with
•    eCatalogue
•   Freeholders' records
•   Londonderry Corporation records
•   Name Search
•   PRONI Historical Maps viewer
•   PRONI Web Archive
•   Street directories
•   Ulster Covenant
•   Valuation Revision Books
they also have a downloadable guide to chutch records see

eg the maxwell kearney link running thru names In Will calendars eg Letters of Administration of the personal estate of George Maxwell Kearney late of Mullyloughran County Armagh Farmer deceased who died 20 December 1868 at same place were granted at Armagh to Isabella Hawthorn (Wife of John Hawthorn of Newtownhamilton County Armagh Merchant) the Daughter of said deceased.

in my first reply I restricted my inclusion of Kearney in the tithe Applotment lists to  just those that matched Miles do you want the lot. I made my own index for the 6 counties as they are not included in The source just gives a name but the location helps search surviving church records

stay busy


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Re: Kearney & Miles
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2020, 09:36:15 PM »
Hi Jim

Thank you for all the work you have done.

I’m away for a few days so will take a closer look when I return home.