Author Topic: Martin Smyth, Margaret Martin and Hugh Smyth  (Read 387 times)


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Martin Smyth, Margaret Martin and Hugh Smyth
« on: July 29, 2020, 11:13:08 AM »
Hello wise people :)

My husband recently found out who his father was and I was wondering if anyone knew him or his family? We've been in contact with some of his surviving family but due to the large age gap of them all and how young Martie was when he moved away from Belfast (16) they didn't really know lots about him.

He died young in Colchester, England in 1978 but his family were from Belfast and mostly still living there. Martie was born in 1953, his mother was called Margaret Smyth (maiden name Martin) and his father was Hugh Smyth. It was a big family 6 or 7 children I think.  Fairhill Park is listed as the address on his birth certificate but I'm not sure if he grew up there too. I just thought it would be lovely if any of his old friends happened to recognize him from my post and could get in touch with any memories or even a photo (this would be amazing). No story too small. :)

Thanks in advance  :)

James James

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Re: Martin Smyth, Margaret Martin and Hugh Smyth
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To the nice poster who responded by private message, thank you! I can't respond to you for some reason. I guess I haven't posted enough. hope you happen to see this