Author Topic: BBC N.I. news - "Bereaved family criticise 2 year health watchdog report delay"  (Read 407 times)

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"Bereaved family criticise health watchdog report delay"

"A bereaved family says it has been caused further distress by delays in the publication of a report by NI's government watchdog.

"Joan Johnson, 81, died soon after she had two falls while receiving home care.

In 2017 her family made a complaint to the NI Ombudsman about her care and it was upheld.

But the investigation has yet to be published, following a challenge by the care company over its identification.

Domiciliary care agency, Homecare Independent Living, had been commissioned by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust to carry out Ms Johnson's care.

Her two falls occurred at her home within 48 hours in February 2015 while being lifted in a device aimed at assisting patients.

A week later, she died in hospital from a heart condition."

'Deficient investigation'         ETCETERA ...