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Angelo Pierucci - 21 Edward St,
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:54:03 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I'm Margaret, Angelo's sister, we lived in Edward Street, until early 70s, 6 of us and our mum and dad, Mary & Joe, then, Joe, Angelo, John, Margaret, Anne, Tony,We are all scattered over the world now.

Angelo is a teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam, he has just gone through triple bypass heart surgery, he could not get back to UK because of Covid-19, this is proving costly, then he had to have dialysis, as he kidney's were failing, his kids and nearest family have helped to pay for some of the expense, he is still in ICU, as they have covid again in Vietnam, none of us can get out there to help care for him, at times the hospital is in lock down,  and expected there for some weeks, very weak at the moment, but we are hopeful.
To help with costs I set up a gofundme page, which has been great, extended family and friends have been brilliant and donated.
If you would like to help in anyway by donating or advise me on how to fund raise, any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you for time and listening
Margaret Pierucci