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Search For GG/Dad.
« on: November 09, 2020, 11:05:02 PM »
I am stuck with a problem.  I am searching for my great G/Dad.  Both he and my G/dad have the same first name.  Both served in the British army.  I have tried to search for GG/D but my G/Dads name just comes up.


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Re: Search For GG/Dad.
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2020, 06:57:51 PM »
how about you, you need to help a bit more. You donít mention your source checked seeing that you only found Whoever Junior in both sources I thought you had searched eg the two Ireland census 1901 and 1911 possibly under the Rathlin census
Rathlin Island had 369 entries in the 1901 census
Rathlin Island had 462 entries in the 1911 census
 which would mean Whoever Senior died before 1901
the only name you have used is D-----, I tried the irish version and with an OĒ etc for luck there are no entries for these spelling in either census
Allowing for normal transcription errors mistakes as both English and irish names are used, nevertheless you have only traced one, presumably the junior have been used in transcription Neither would be mentioned in valuation books as a soldier because they would be a tenant unless an ex soldier or a Chelsea pensioners

so jumping to military sources I know only a few free sources ex the 53 D----- entries in the RIR in
with a full name I can search the English census1841-11 which often include british military listed by barracks etc

so consider offering the name to help you onwards I was about to give up and then I found in genes reunited my only subscription source
James D++++ b 1871 treeholder Andrew in castle quarter? townland, Rathlin Island treeholder named on further checking  at please look it up ypurself its free there are more information
I found father James D++++ was a lighthouse keeper in castlequarter So is this your family
shall I go further because there may be websites devoted to lighthouse keepers etc and they get named in valuation continuation books etc 
 or  its in Ballycarry/Ballycary townland widening search  try  etc
good luck anyway