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Belfast Beat Groups
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The Beat groups made a mighty scene in pre-troubles Belfast.
A bit of history ...the first Belfast recordings in the sixties were. .
Phil Coulter wrote and recorded 'Foolin' Time' recorded to be sold for the Student Rag week 1964, recorded by Pete Lloyd in a room in QUB with blankets hanging on the walls to dull the sound!
Teddie Palmer and Dinger Bell of the Stranmillis College based group 'The Spectres', wrote and recorded 'The Facts of Life' again for the Rag Day charities, in 1965. As a collectors' item it now is worth around 300, it was one of the earliest recorded records recognising the Belfast Blues Scene and is now described in collector circles as ''an early example of the Belfast Sound'.
This recording was in Pete Lloyd's new recording studio in Cromac Square, where Van Morrison also recorded some of his early tracks, before he went on to world fame.
Sixties Belfast was a seven days a week non stop hub of live music, sadly destroyed by the bombs as the 60s ended.
You can find a lot of groups you may know at: where there is a Beat Group section.

Also at  in the Irish Rock/Beat groups section.

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Re: Belfast Beat Groups
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What a wonderful site, such powerful memories and feelings brought back

from times and friends long gone. Well done and I do hope you get all the

information needed to add to your very comprehensive cover of a powerful

time in Irish bands. Thank you for the pleasure.