Author Topic: Charlie Lavery of Lavery's and The Pavilion fame died one year ago today  (Read 183 times)


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Something of a legend as a Belfast publican, certainly back in the day.

I've only discovered he died and it turns out it's the 1st anniversary of Charlie's death.

I remember him fondly, usually in a cricket jumper, bossing the crowd outside with genial, posh banter and telling all the punters at closing time, young and old: Go home, children!

Sad to think that someone like Charlie who created something so good for so many in Belfast was not able to be honoured at the time of his death due to the times we are living through. The Lavery's had seven pubs at one time but due to the troubles and tragedy were reduced to one, the Lavery's in Shaftesbury Square, which Charlie co-owned with his cousin Bernard. I have many happy memories of my times in Lavery's, over thirty years ago. It was a happy place in dark times.

I'm raising one for you tonight, Charlie.