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Re: ex Irish Guards
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I know I'm a bit late with this post, just found it, but the man on the left, nearest the camera is Vincent Beale (Barney) from Cork in Ireland. Barney was my dad. Unfortunately he passed away 4 years ago last December.

Anyone know these guys.    Probatly 1st com. at Penang early 60s.


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Re: ex Irish Guards
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Yes, by the sound of things it all adds up, all i was told Thomas was in the Guards and later moved to Montreal, but regardless if it was the Guards or RUR the fact that you knew a Thomas McCormick who was in the Armed Forces and moved to Montreal, what's the odd's of that?

Thomas parents were Edward McCormick and Maud (unknown maiden name) and Edward was my Great Grandfathers Brother, Edward and Maud moved to Greenisland and the last i found of them was in an obituary from 1974 which they gave their address as Greenisland, Carrickfergus.

does any of that ring a bell ?? Thomas I believe also had two brothers and two sisters.

This may be of interest

I also knew an Eddie McCormack from Greenisland he would be about sixty years old now.