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Hi Maggiemay

I have just joined this forum and nearly had a heart attack having typed in the name Cronin and then discovered Francis Street connected to it.

My Great Grandfather married a widow called Ellen Cronin in 1919. She lived at 7 Francis Street Belfast. He was called Arthur Rice an ex-soldier who was widowed in 1917. He died in 1921.

Is this a connection.

With very best regards

Hello yes that connection is right, Nellie Cronin was married to Arthur Rice,
she was born Ellen Benjamin on 23 Oct 1890 in Belfast, her father was Francis Benjamin and her mother was Catherine Smith
She married Samuel Cronin on 25 August 1909, they had four children together but Sammy died
on 10 April 1918 in France, during the First World War. Sammy was my great grandmother's brother.