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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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I lived in Brompton Park no 20



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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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Does anyone remember the O'Neills from Jamaica Street?  I think they were some sort of scrap dealers. They lived next door to my grannies. I think one of them was called cloot O'neill because he was left handed. They lived at number 85 Jamaica Street. There was also Hughie O'Neill and Pauline O'Neill. Hughie was always invited to wakes as he was a bit of a live wire and a joker.


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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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Pauline sadly no longer with us Ungle Hughie was a real bell end lol don't be hunting me.they were in the markets scrap antic they knew now to make a few bob.


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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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can anyone from this thread remember the Dillon family from Brookfield street ardoyne


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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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Good day from Australia. I'm from Ardoyne, Jamacia Street. Maiden name McIlmunn.


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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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He was my Maths teacher in St. Gabes when I was there for a year. He was a big hefty guy who wore glasses and had a high pitched voice. His wife was a contralto in Holy Cross Choir and his son Gavin was an alto. Gavin is now high up in one of the education bodies. Other teachers I recall were:-
Mr. O'Neill , Woodwork;  Mr McKenna , Science;  Mr. McGuinness , Music ; his namesake was the Head; Mr. McLaughlin , Metalwork; Mr. Rams den , P.E. ; Mr. Kearns , English ; Mr. Thornton , French.
That is all I can remember  at the moment.

bloody hell the 60s. i started st gabes in 88 and he was still there for a few years, an [censored]. you fellas must have been terrible. lol st gabes has been flattened for a good few years now.

Sheila Dwyer

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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
« Reply #2181 on: October 17, 2020, 03:08:12 PM »
I remember an Nugent &
Mc Ildowney family that
lived in Brompton PK.
Maura shields went to
St Dominics late fifties :)

My name was Sheila Mc Grenera and I was in Miss Heagert's class in 1963- the year of the big snow when I had to make my way from Cliftonville Road to Ardoyne. It's all a bit hard to remember now but some names are stuck in my head- Carol Morris whom I met on my first day at school I Butler Street. She was. A beautiful child and I seem to remember someone telling me that she went to Trinity College Dublin. Alice Stafford is a another name. She was a great singer . Anne Gourley, Maria Mc Laughin, Delores Mc Larnon. Most  of the class went to St Dominic's but myself  and another girl - Roisin Burns went to Fortwilliam. I would love to know what became of everyone. It was so inntense doing that 11+ an experience which I thought would bond us for life. You all must have better memories of each other as you would have continued to see each other for some years at school. If anyone is able to fill in the gaps  it would be great
Best wishes Sheila Dwyer -nee Mc Grenera


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Re: Anyone From Ardoyne
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Ann this is, I think our 11 plus class nurtured by Miss Hegarty

Alice Stafford   Brookfield St
Teresa Mc Nally .."...
Christine Hamilton   Herbert St
Elizabeth  Fennell  . North wick Dr.
Anne Gourley.  Farringdon Gdns
Carol Morris.  Woodvale Rd
Brenda Mc Teague. Dunedin Pk
Marie Beggs. Jamaica St
Dolores Mc Larnon   Ingedale Pk
Sheila Mc Grenera.   Clifton Pk Ave
Dolores Connolly. Cranbrook Gdns
Winnie Browne. Highfield   Or further West
Helen Meehan Dunedin Pk ?
Ann M. Smyth Kerrera St
Moira O Neill (ME!) Eskdale Gdns!!
Most of us went to St Dominics but Sheila went to Fortwilliam and I think Carol might have gone to Portstewart or maybe even Rathmore

This was a post by my sister Moira O'Neill some years ago. She hasn't been on the BF for a long time. I will tell her about your post.