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Belfast Chat / Re: What on earth.
« Last post by ldugan on Today at 08:15:00 PM »
The death penalty is the only cure for these subhumans.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Not a popular post
« Last post by jillyfred on Today at 07:59:11 PM »
I am thankful my kids have grown up to be lovely adults , they get on with like minded people  very well , they show respect to all and are well liked in return.

That is all down to the good Mother they have who has taught and led by example
Your rich in your `six blessings`.

Belfast Chat / Re: What on earth.
« Last post by misssmyth1 on Today at 07:32:45 PM »
watched the news tonight apparently a 30 year old  case has been opened re the murders 2 little girls in brighton due to new forensic evidence he got aquitted first time. he apparently in between had molested and murdered another 6 year old   and suspected of other crimes . i am positive there in no cure for these people   If they are born this way very sad but can't be allowed to carry out these acts  it is in their DNA  they will continue to do it.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Fane Street School Secondary in the 60s
« Last post by JIM52 on Today at 07:18:31 PM »
I went to Fane Street 64 to 68. Before that I went to Ulsterville Primary School.
I have some photos of Ulsterville.
Belfast Chat / Re: How to find Services in Northern Ireland ?
« Last post by James James on Today at 06:27:40 PM »

It seems like a useful and informative site, and it covers other areas of Ulster as well as Belfast.
Belfast Chat / Re: Eejits
« Last post by stranmillis v on Today at 02:24:09 PM »
I did read it they upended the man's home , well anyway they should not get away with it.

you said and I quote
what a carry on things go from bad to worse in Belfast

the incident if you had read it did not take place in Belfast
The DUP are still trying to maintain the fiction that a separate post breaksit customs deal for the Irish border would endanger the Union.

In reality, the only possibility of any danger to the Union because of breaksit, would be likely too come from a hard border, and the DUP are making such a border more likely.

16th October 2018

"DUP threat over Brexit backstop deal"

"The Democratic Unionist Party's deputy leader has threatened to paralyse the government's domestic agenda if Northern Ireland's place in the Union is jeopardised by a Brexit deal."


But, Nigel Dodds said his party would stop short of triggering a general election.

He was speaking ahead of a key cabinet meeting in London.

The DUP prop up Mrs May's government and the prime minister relies on their support in key votes as she does not have a majority in the House of Commons.

Mr Dodds told BBC's Newsnight that his party was ready to withdraw support for the government on key domestic legislation if there is any move to "break up or fracture the union".

However, Mr Dodds' warning was described as "profoundly undemocratic" by a Conservative Party MP.

Anna Soubry, who is pro-EU, also told BBC's Stephen Nolan Show that the DUP were a "blooming nightmare".

Mr Dodds spoke out after he sought assurances from the prime minister at Westminster that Northern Ireland will not be left in the EU single market when the rest of the UK leaves as part of any backstop deal.

The backstop is a safety net that will apply to the border if a wider deal or technological solution cannot keep it as frictionless as it is currently.

The UK rejected the EU's proposed backstop, which would see Northern Ireland staying in the customs union and large parts of the single market, and instead proposed a backstop which would keep the whole of the UK in the EU customs union for a limited period. etcetera,...


My note,... Later in the article, Anna Soubry says this,...

However, Conservative MP Anna Soubry said Mr Dodds' comments were "shocking".

She accused the DUP of "holding the rest of this country to ransom" and said it was "breathtakingly irresponsible".

The former minister added that while she found DUP MPs at Westminster "perfectly nice people" as individuals, they were a "blooming nightmare" when put together.

"They are, at the moment, not working in the interest of the UK nor in the interest of the majority of people in Northern Ireland," she said.

Looking for members of Bell family who lived in Balaklava street, off Falls road, Belfast. I know Kathleen Bell lived there until 1960 at least. I'm sure her husband was James Bell. And his father/mother were George Bell and Annie Bell....First listed in Balaklava street at 1911. All seem to live in the same house...No 25 Balaklava Street.


Gerard Bell
Old Belfast Photos / Re: Belfast ghosts
« Last post by jillyfred on Today at 01:13:47 PM »
i wanna hear it again i missed it the forth time  ;)

Old Belfast Photos / Re: Belfast ghosts
« Last post by jillyfred on Today at 01:13:10 PM »
Goodoldtimes I meant looking forward to reading more stories. Not the same one again  :D

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