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Belfast Genealogy / Re: Surname... Bill.
« Last post by jean79 on Today at 04:12:11 AM »
sorry I have been left Belfast since 1952 did meet up with Dorothy on visits home 1992 1999 but dont know anything about her family history just remembered her sisters name was Rosemary hope you find your relatives  regards   Jean

Belfast Genealogy / Jennie P Kelly
« Last post by scrapple on Today at 03:39:50 AM »
I am looking for info on Jennie P Kelly, born about 1899.

Ancestry records show her age as 21, with an infant by the name of John at the age of 2, bound for New York from Liverpool on December 11, 1920.

Records show an address of 44 Spruce St. Belfast.

Any info at all would be great, she might be my grandmother's mother.



Exiles / Re: CANADA TO-DAY.
« Last post by shamrock249 on Today at 01:44:15 AM »
Hi DMW,  Cape Street ran between Ross St and Raglan St just off the Falls Rd (in the vicinity of the Falls Rd baths). It was sandwiched between Balaclava St and Garnet St all in St. Peters parish. All those little streets now gone of course for redevelopment.
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Thames Street, Broadway, Belfast 1912
« Last post by four-stroke on Today at 01:23:40 AM »
It seems to me you have left a name out of your lists. The Salmon family lived in Thames St. on the right going down.
Joe Salmon and I have been friends since our B.B. days when his 2nd Broadway went with our 68th Crumlin Rd Pres. Co.
to summer camp in Rothesay.Our Captains were two schoolteacher buddies and taught in Fane St. school. We still see each other regularly.
Exiles / Re: CANADA TO-DAY.
« Last post by DMW on Today at 12:34:35 AM »
Jim Cullen, Welcome to Belfast Forum (BF) - where is Cape St in Belfast.?  I was a BCT bus conductor before I left Belfast and thought I new most of the city - except  some of the smaller streets. My daughter (Canadian born) lives in Guelph, and there is a lady who uses the name of Wendl who lives in Guelph who used to post here on regular basis. Turns out she is related to my buddy who lives in Schomberg - north of Toronto.  I'm in Hamilton.   
« Last post by boxer1949 on Yesterday at 11:35:09 PM »
two famous or infamous well known men but not for their boxing KRAY TWINS
Belfast Genealogy / McKenna
« Last post by Flipping heck on Yesterday at 10:43:38 PM »
Would anyone be able to help me or know off this young man. His name was Frank (Private Francis McKenna) who sadly died due to injuries he received during WW2. He died in Belfast 18th September 1942, aged 30, so must have been born around 1912. I believe he may have lived somewhere Belfast. I would love to hear from anyone who may be related to this brave young man.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: the grove baths
« Last post by thedon1982 on Yesterday at 10:30:42 PM »
When I worked in the Grove the staff did not receive any life saving training.  It was myself and a few other members of staff pointed out to the management of the need for proper life saving training.  After a lot of discussion with the Baths Dept they agreed to let us get the training required but not financed by them.  One of the school swimming instructors agreed to train us unpaid.  The agreement, with the Baths Dept, included that we did not make this situation public and that we could have the use of the main pool for two hours on Sundays.  The staff training was also unpaid.  At that time the Baths did not open on Sundays and to make it public would stir the flames of the religious fanatics.  After that, no life was lost in the Grove main pool and later, sadly, one child was drowned in the Minor pool.  The pool at that time was under club supervision - not by Grove Baths staff.  Later, all pool staff were also trained in first aid.  To my knowledge, no life was lost in the Grove Baths when staff were supervising the pool.

I know this is an old post but my brother also drowned in the grove baths on july 14 1982
Belfast History and Memories / 65th scouts
« Last post by Willty on Yesterday at 09:51:49 PM »
Anyone a past member of the 65th scouts based in the North Belfast Mission on York St. In the 60's
« Last post by tommytwotoes on Yesterday at 09:42:59 PM »

two famous or infamous well known men but not for their boxing
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