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Old Belfast Photos / Re: NCR Skegoneill Avenue
« Last post by Martinbrunty on Today at 11:41:21 AM »
I worked with John for a few years before he moved to Scotland. Met him a couple of times in Glasgow office when I was there for meetings(Union) .John was well liked and life and soul of Belfast NCR while he was there and his big hobby was photography. We were all sad to hear of his passing.
Some of his old colleagues are in some photos on my Facebook page.
Old Belfast Photos / Re: NCR Skegoneill Avenue
« Last post by Noel P on Today at 11:29:27 AM »

Hello John,

I THINK I remember dad mentioning your name (it was a long time ago  :) ). Unfortunately he died of a sudden heart attack 27 years ago (age 59). Here's a photo of him age 59. He started in NCR around in the 1950s/60s. I remember him feeling a bit de-skilled when machines became more electronic and he found himself replacing circuit boards, though think he loved the camaraderie of NCR. I have photos of the engineers together, though most if not all before your time there, John. He'd been a mechanical engineer. My mother is still alive and she'll be pleased that I'd been in touch with one of dad's former colleagues. Best wishes! Noel
Old Belfast Photos / Re: NCR Skegoneill Avenue
« Last post by gonetolondon on Today at 11:04:18 AM »
Yeah Noel, I remembered that name instantly. Martin Brunty also worked there long before and after me. We lived beside each other when we were kids. He has some pics on facebook but I don't think your Dad would be in them. All the best. John Brennan
Old Belfast Photos / Re: NCR Skegoneill Avenue
« Last post by Noel P on Today at 10:54:15 AM »


A lot of those ring bells. My dad was John Patterson. He was there for many years before that but he was still there for most of those years. We left as a family to go to Scotland in late 1973. He transferred to an NCR office in Scotland. Regards, Noel
Old Belfast Photos / Re: NCR Skegoneill Avenue
« Last post by gonetolondon on Today at 10:47:15 AM »
I worked there 1971 to 1974. Would your Dad have been there then? Some names I recall are Alf, Ledley, Victor, Frizell, John Nash, Ronnie. The building is still on Google maps but NCR left it a long time ago. The pub was across the road to the right but it's no longer there. We were a great bunch of mixed guys and girls who looked out for each other. Happy place to work.
Belfast Genealogy / Stephenson/Stevenson
« Last post by Familyresearcher5000 on Today at 10:18:56 AM »
Anyone where to search for an army record? Northamptonshire Regiment. Missing inaction in 1918 Private Thomas Davison Stephenson
Exiles / Re: Great War Souvenir
« Last post by Noel P on Today at 09:46:23 AM »

Hi JA,

I was surprised it was as clear too.

I "think" it is the Royal Irish Rifles too, but I'm no expert and I'm basing it on trying to zoom in a bit on badges and the fact that somebody told me most Belfast men were in the R.I.R. I only know his (my great grandfather's) name; birth/death dates; his wife's name and the handkerchief card (more basic version of yours) addressed to 30 Matlock St.

I do remember my granny (his daughter's) house in 14 Matlock street. I found the photos and handkerchiefs etc among her papers. There was another cloth handkerchief (not on card) which I'll post here, when I get an image. The only reason I'm presuming this photo might be France is because the card came from there too. There was a rumour he'd been injured/gassed but I have no proof of that. I know he died after the war.

Good time to remember them with the 100 anniversary coming up.

Belfast Genealogy / Re: Crawford family 4, Forsyth Street Belfast
« Last post by Addison on Today at 09:43:59 AM »
   My family bought 4 Forsyth street of the Crawford family, I lived there until the age of seven, it was the only three bedroom house in the area, the third bedroom was over the gate that lead to a large square waste ground at the rear, I remember we had a key to open the gate.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Not a popular post
« Last post by MaggieP on Today at 09:40:29 AM »
Something which always gets our goat is people not saying thank you when you stop for them at a zebra crossing, it takes no effort to raise a hand or nod and smile if your hands are full.  Likewise, we live in an area full of narrow roads with passing places, most people will raise their hand on the wheel as they pass, but a few ignorant ones just sail through as though they own the road.  My husband usually shouts ''That's alright, any time!' at them.
Old Belfast Photos / Re: NCR Skegoneill Avenue
« Last post by Noel P on Today at 09:34:31 AM »

Hi Jack,
Don't know, I'm afraid  ??? . I remember being in it a few times as a wee boy but we didn't live near it. I'd have been too young to have noticed pubs. I'd probably clock that now :)  Noel
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