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Belfast Chat / Re: God
« Last post by James James on Today at 04:10:04 PM »
Well !,... those were three really great, and very thought provoking posts, and all three of them, and in particular Dargan's were very well written,... and in doare's first post in particular, I thought that he got all of those points exactly right.

Thankyou both, great pieces of reading.
Belfast Chat / Re: Best pasties in Belfast
« Last post by Eugene Mc Mullan on Today at 03:47:05 PM »
 I live in Connecticut USA. When my wife makes fish and chips she will say they are just like Ginny's ( my wife is from the Oldpark Rd ) love the fish and chip's.
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Armstrong's
« Last post by 17124 on Today at 02:45:07 PM »
 You may have already explored this but just in case, when John married in 1894 his address was Fortingale St.  This link in 1901 census shows two Armstrong families at two addresses in Fortingale St. Could they be related?  If so, they may be worth looking into to broaden your searches, particularly with Fermanagh

Going back to Johnís birth, I can see a civil birth records for John born 1875 at 15 Sawyer St ?  Father, John a Flaxdresser.  (pay to view)  I haven't found any other children born to this couple on this site.  I havenít found this registration record on the   site.
This may be a mis-transcription and should read Lawyer St?    1877 Street directory shows John Armstrong Flaxdresser at nbr 15

Ancestryireland website does confirm Elizabeth's birth but again, I have been unable to see any other children born to John & Jane

 Hope this helps.
Belfast Chat / Re: Best pasties in Belfast
« Last post by jillyfred on Today at 02:15:11 PM »

One good place for me these days in South Down is The Cabin in Annalong.
Their pasties and fish suppers-plus a lot of other dishes are really lovely.
Belfast Chat / Re: Best pasties in Belfast
« Last post by jillyfred on Today at 02:12:46 PM »

Longs in Durham Street or Beatties on the Shankill, still the best pasties in town.  ;)
Yes JJMack Long`s was really great. In the mid 1950`s we got to the Panto in the Opera House a couple of times
courtesy of an Uncle who was quite well off compared to my own Family.
He had a car and took us to John Long`s after the Panto and we ate our Pasty suppers in it!
Great days.
Wanted / Re: British Submarines
« Last post by Blacky on Today at 02:01:20 PM »

Arch, have a look at H.M.S Alliance at Gosport Museum.

It's really worth a visit.

Belfast Chat / Re: God
« Last post by doare. on Today at 12:07:26 PM »
there is an interesting book about schizophrenia called "anatomy of an epidemic" the guy has been given great receptions on lecture circuits around universities, he cites the increase since the 50s and how the chemical model of treatment has been responsible, worth listening to on youtube or getting his book....trying to keep on topic can be trying sometimes ,lol, dr carl jung is also a great read "dreams memories and reflections, he comes from a spiritual angle and when asked did he believe in god he replied i dont believe i know....the best help i got personally was from emmett fox when he said we do not get punished for our sins we are punished by them....and as JC said "those who sin are servants of sin" many addictions come from this and its good to know we are not judged we do enough of that to ourselves, and project it onto others....imagine killing someone you do not even know? because they are of a different belief system that is the ultimate split off of our darkness and projecting it onto others....regarding the left brain or the right an interesting point of view is "left in the dark"by tony wright, he claims we had a symbiotic relationship with fruit before we left the arboreal forests and our right brain was more evolved than it is now, relying on grains and animal scavenged remains to survive we have become less intelligent......
Belfast Chat / Re: God
« Last post by Dargan on Today at 10:30:38 AM »
doare, I always read your slant on things when I am able to as it is usually very interesting, and once again it is. Just a few thoughts as a result of reading:

I wonder if the left brain/right brain and their separate, somewhat conflicting functions is what causes the inner turmoil resulting in the type of petty conflicts you have mentioned which spill over into reality, and of course worse happenings as the world of crime testifies to? And indeed could the dominance of one side of the brain make for the impulse to religious fervour? Colin Wilson has written extensively about this left/right brain problem, and as you'll know his open-minded approach probes at the real problems rather than ignores what is ostensibly "the impossible" along the line of a thorough and all-encompassing exploration.

Although this is an aside, I felt furious when it was stated on radio by someone who had been in the medical profession that for many years it has been known that the voices heard by schizophrenics are actually external to them as opposed to being in their heads. My point here is that if the likes of that is a given yet kept under wraps then it's another of many signs that we've not evolved very much at all, for what torture it must be to schizophrenics led to believe they are faulty, imperfect and ill rather than assailed and harangued by the facets of other realities and dimensions the right brain might link them to! Naturally the ones who have carried out heinous crimes have to be punished to protect society, but as to those struggling with that condition and trying to keep it neat, as it were, well it's a rough justice to be called "ill." I don't know if it truly is the case that the voices are external -  that what I heard was the truth - but it is food for some very serious thought. For me, in my limited reading, John Keel and Jacques Vallee seem to have got closest to the truth. On a personal level, that Passport into Magonia as expounded by Vallee is a dangerous but simultaneously compelling freedom.

And to try to draw this ramble back to "god:" well, that entity's developed some real mazes of pain, anguish and torment for people to wade through yet others get off scott free (and claim the dole spuriously at the same time). If this entity exists it must be an elitist entity in which case, siding with it surely makes us all the more imperfect and unevolved. In the same way as there are certain people who will support football teams simply because they want to identify with the one at the top of the league. Walking into a church yet knowing people are starving and in plight elsewhere, surely that can't be reconciled into so-called Christian ethos. I wish I could make a few foul oaths right now for I've nothing looking down on me searching for sin other than that "thou shalt not swear it " clause connected to these wee boxes we're pouring our thoughts into. It truly is an absurd world when you can't use the full repertoire of language that god, or some other gringo gave us in the seven or so days of work we've been told he, she or it, did. Huh! That clock-card was going a dinger in and out of some machine for 7 days but since then its owner hasn't done a hand's tap if you ask me, for look at the hack of the world!

All the best.  :hi:
Belfast History and Memories / Re: The Bone
« Last post by iminaus on Today at 10:18:48 AM »
i have no idea if im in the right area.  i went to St Colombans until they opened "Denby Gardens"  i was born in Roseville st  and went to st Gemmas and  :) moved to Australia in 1970.  I would like to contact Christine Madden whos parents had the fruit and veg shop on the oldpark road
Chris C and Stevie S what great stories from you both
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