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Belfast History and Memories / Re: Everly Brothers
« Last post by jillyfred on Today at 12:11:14 AM »

Thank you HH for posting that.
I have been a fan since they first started singing.

jilly :-*
Hi All, Searching for an old friend and youth hosteller, who trained as an SRN, I think in England. He may be still there as I lost touch. He lived around 65 Whitewell Road, at the bottom near the Shore Road. This is around 1960-62. Would like to find out what happened to him.
Laganbank aka David Chambers
Back when l was a child growing up not far from those Fortwilliam arches Dargan. I remember we had a lamp on our street corner.It wasn't just a light to illuminate the sidewalk to us kids it was a toy.With a stout piece of rope you could swing round and round ( watch you don't bang your head ) but make sure you take the rope down before Jimmy comes round.Jimmy was the lamp lighter he would take your rope or cut it up ,the Corperation didn't like us swinging on their lamp l think there was incidents of lamps pulled over and being gas that wasn't good. Then one day they came and put up a large poll halfway down the street and hung a big fluresant light from it . It was a white blue light that lit up the sky more than the road and they took our little lamp post away. What happened to Jimmy the lamp lighter he lost his job.But who will turn the lights on when it gets dark ? Well they invented a thing called a photo voltaic cell when light hits the cell it generates an electric current that is used to turn the light off,when no light is present the light turns on.Sun comes up light turns off Sun goes down light turns on.They can be fooled by other light sources like car headlights or reflections , in one case the light came on at dark its light reflected off a near by window hit the photo cell and turns the light off again on and off it went .all street lights a controlled by photo cells maybe the light from a passing apparition turned your light off Dargan I guess it's possible .
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by colin randell on Yesterday at 09:42:06 PM »
Like Jimmy, I can remember the ones in Little Grosvenor Street and Turin Street. I also remember one in Electric Street
Distillery street arch was between Genoa street and the Grosvenor road at one time near the two pubs then it was up near Genoa street but the gates on it sorry I don't remember them maybe on it and only closed at night   I was told every street had an arch on the Grosvenor road well before are time even the time the BB paraded up MCDonald street  just wish I could get my hands on the books my great uncle Harry had nobody knows what happened to anything between the books and the photos all that history lost but then they got out with there lives lucky enough  went to the library but without titles no help           regards  Colin
Belfast Chat / Re: Couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow
« Last post by White dee on Yesterday at 09:21:08 PM »


What a really silly reply  ???
Belfast Chat / Re: What on earth.
« Last post by jillyfred on Yesterday at 08:43:24 PM »
The death penalty is the only cure for these subhumans.

Agree 100% Liz

Belfast Chat / Re: What on earth.
« Last post by ldugan on Yesterday at 08:15:00 PM »
The death penalty is the only cure for these subhumans.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Not a popular post
« Last post by jillyfred on Yesterday at 07:59:11 PM »
I am thankful my kids have grown up to be lovely adults , they get on with like minded people  very well , they show respect to all and are well liked in return.

That is all down to the good Mother they have who has taught and led by example
Your rich in your `six blessings`.

Belfast Chat / Re: What on earth.
« Last post by misssmyth1 on Yesterday at 07:32:45 PM »
watched the news tonight apparently a 30 year old  case has been opened re the murders 2 little girls in brighton due to new forensic evidence he got aquitted first time. he apparently in between had molested and murdered another 6 year old   and suspected of other crimes . i am positive there in no cure for these people   If they are born this way very sad but can't be allowed to carry out these acts  it is in their DNA  they will continue to do it.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Fane Street School Secondary in the 60s
« Last post by JIM52 on Yesterday at 07:18:31 PM »
I went to Fane Street 64 to 68. Before that I went to Ulsterville Primary School.
I have some photos of Ulsterville.
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